Most Common Motorcycle Accidents

The most commonly seen type of motorcycle accident is when someone makes a left turn, failing to see the motorcyclist behind them or directly crashes into the motorcyclist. These accidents usually result in the rider flying over the handle bars and often landing on the vehicle. In this type of accident there is a high risk of attaining a head and lower limb injuries.

Aftermath of the accident

Motorcycle injuries are often very serious, therefore the rider will not be able to take action in to the process following the accident. Many people don’t know that consulting an attorney specializing in motorcycle accidents can severely improve the chances of receiving insurance coverage as well as properly diagnosing the sustained injuries. A family member of a friends should consult an attorney who will then work on the behalf of the patient.

Motorcycle accidents require specialized knowledge. Based on the examination of the motorcycle and the accident location it is possible to determine the speed of involved vehicles, the pattern of the accident as well as the environmental factors that might have been involved in the process. Every detail in this process is very important and can play a significant role in insurance claims and other legal proceedings.

How common are motorcycle accidents?

Motorcycle accidents are not more common than any other road accidents, however, they are usually more serious than any other road accidents. Motorcyclists have a 26% higher chance of being killed in an accident and they are more likely to have a head injury. Also, motorcycle accident injuries have a higher chance of leaving the rider with a permanent disability, in comparison with automobile injuries.

A very common misconception about motorcycle accidents is that they are caused by the motorcycle rider. Most drivers have seen a motorcyclist speeding on a highway, however, the accidents are mostly caused by a non-motorcyclist driver failing to see the motorcyclist.

These misconceptions come from people who have never ridden a motorcycle and believe that since its narrower than a car, the motorcyclist will be able to avoid an accident. However, in order for a motorcyclist to turn, they have to lean and it does not happen fast. Also, most motorcycles are not equipped with ABS brakes, therefore the rider must choose either to brake or to turn in order to avoid collision.

Getting back to riding

In many cases, the post-traumatic experience of the accident will cause the rider to never get back on a motorcycle. In many cases, people are concerned about their safety and being in an accident again, and many suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder. For many people, riding a motorcycle is a part of who they are. Experiencing an accident can be life altering in many ways, including emotional.