The Badass Batmobile -Themed Trike Motorcycle – 2021 Review

It looks like Batman is currently in Poland. Game Over Cycles, a shop that specializes in customizing motorbikes, has built a trike inspired by the memorable Batmobile from the Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992) films. The shop works on rebuilding and customizing vintage cars and motorcycles. Hence, it is currently working on a custom … Read more

Top 5 Futuristic Bikes in Movies – 2021 Overview

Bikes appear in the movies often and they are usually what you cannot find at your local dealership. They tend to be customized, predicting the future and just looking awesome, adding value to the character that drives it. Here are top 5 futuristic bikes in movies. 5. Terminator: Salvation – MotoTerminator There are much better … Read more

6 Best Biker Movies of All Time

Bikers have always attracted a lot of attention wherever they appear. They have been so popular since the 1950s that many movies and TV shows have bikers as their main protagonists. The Hells Angels are probably the main reason why the popularity of bikers has become so widespread around the world. They are a motorcycle … Read more

This Custom Motorcycle is Something the Terminator Himself Would Ride

What a sight this is. Feast your eyes upon this crazy custom bike, constructed over the frame of a 2009 Ducati model, the Monster 1100 S. At times, you need a bit of reality to achieve greatness in the sci-fi genre, and the 2009 movie “Terminator: Salvation” is a good example. Although not that popular … Read more