Incredibly Mean Looking Ducati E Rossa Concept Bike – 2024 Review

As one of the most famous motorcycle manufacturers in the world, Ducati has never failed to amaze their customers and critics. Every time they plan a new bike, the bike world stops and looks. Their new concept managed to do this again. This bike was designed as a passion project and a personal concept. Meet … Read more

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BMW Motorrad Concept 9cento – 2024 Review

Traditional Concorso d’Elegenza Villa d’Este was held at the shores of picturesque Lake Como in Italy again this year. Among other manufacturers, BMW Motorrad unveiled their latest concept, called 9cento. Pronounced “nove cento,” the newest BMW’s brainchild is marketed as an ideal future bike. Geared towards mid-range users, its main motive is “balance,” according to … Read more

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Top 5 Concept Motorcycles in 2024

A lot of car manufacturers would often stray away from their usual practice and produce a two-wheeler. Whether they want to show that they have the ability or it is something else, we cannot tell. The final product is usually a large and expensive bicycle that you can strap to your SUV. Be that as … Read more

13 Most Beautiful Concept Bikes – 2024 Overview

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A Bike As An Example of How Japanese Culture Can Shape Motorcycle Design – 2024 Review

Japanese automotive designers rely on their history and culture a lot, according to Vladimir and Artem, with the samurai spirit, origami and minimalism as guiding lights through creative processes. However, the large automobile industry in Japan wasn’t immune to the European influence and it didn’t always follow the traditional way. That’s why the Motorbike for … Read more

The “Khan” Brings Back to Life Old BMW – 2024 Review

The Turkish designer Mehmet Doruk Erdem’s creations straddle a border between futuristic and cyberpunk, often making them hard to describe. His latest design, titled Khan, is no different. Erdem has a unique sense of aesthetic and Khan embodies it very well. The bike almost feels like a concept, but the designer claims it is a … Read more

BigRep’s NERA: The World’s First Functioning 3D Printed Motorcycle – 2024 Review

The 3D printing technologies are believed to be one of the next major technological revolutions. Recently, the 3D printer manufacturer BigRep’s innovation arm, NOWLAB, printed the world’s first fully e-motorcycle. The fully 3D-printed e-motorcycle is called the NERA. This is an aggressively-styled prototype which is a great example of how far 3D printers have come … Read more

Jack Daniel’s 2024 Limited Edition Indian Springfield Dark Horse

Indian bike brand comes from Springfield in Massachusetts, from the United States. During the first half of the 20th century, they were an influential motorcycle manufacturer. Since bankrupt in 1953, the Indian survives as a brand that is producing handmade limited editions of bikes. As for modern versions of Indian, most popular are Chief, Springfield, … Read more