Top 15 Motorcycles With Automatic Transmission Available Today – 2024 Review

Many bikers do not like an automatic transmission. This is completely logical, as the manual gearbox ensures a real feeling of driving the machine. On the other hand, automatic one will never be able to provide this. However, motorcycle enthusiasts can’t deny that automatic transmission causes fewer problems when shifting. For example, with a manual … Read more

This is The New MV Agusta Brutale Serie Oro Bike – 2024 Review

The Engine The new bike does not break the tradition and has a four-cylinder engine. However, there are new materials, design, and electronics. The power is record-high at 208 horsepower at 13,450 rpm, with a torque of 115.5 Nm. These incredible numbers mean this engine is one of the most powerful naturally aspirated four-cylinder engines … Read more

Lazareth Moto Volante, The $500,000 Bike – 2024 Review

Lazareth has added a whole new dimension to the term custom bike with their incredible flying motorcycle. Based on their previous model, dubbed LM847, Moto Volante – or sky bike – has several different items. The V8 engine capable of delivering 470 horsepower has been exchanged for an electric motor, while the wheels come with … Read more

10 Sportsbike Models You Wish You Had – 2024 Review

Sportsbikes are beautiful in every sense of the word. Not only are they fast, but they are more often than not visually stunning and nice to look at. They draw attention no matter where you are and every motorcycle fan should have at least one in its garage. Should you have unlimited cash, here are … Read more

Tamburini T12 – Specs and Price in 2024

The first notion of the concept of Tamburini T12 happened a couple of years ago. However, as we said, it was just a concept that the manufacturer was thinking about. Finally, in 2016 the manufacturerrevealed his plans to start with the designand then the production of this super bike. The idea The design of this … Read more

Top 10 Superbikes Worldwide – 2024 Overview

Superbikes differ from all other motorcycles, not only in performance but also in technology and revolutionary innovations which improve motorcycle industry day in day out. The first association to the superbikes is definitely speed and power, but these mean machines are much more than just track-based bikes. We present you top 10 superbikes which are … Read more

Everything You Need to Know About Motorcycle Racing

Have you ever considered which sport brings the most excitement and pumps adrenaline into your bloodstream? Well, we can say it’s an individual thing, but some sports are simply tense and bring an incredible amount of excitement for both the participants and the audience. We think motorsports are among the most adrenaline and adventurous sports … Read more