Linear Actuators in Autonomous Vehicles: The Future of Automotive Engineering

Tech developments are nearing to support automotive engineering. The introduction of new technologies can improve vehicle efficiency. This applies to cars and motorbike trucks. Others are maritime vehicles like ships and submarines.  Linear actuators are this; experts are beginning to complement that. According to popular demand, cars should be lighter and more fuel efficient. Manufacturers … Read more

Zeus Bobber – A Futuristic Motorcycle Revealed – 2024 Review

Glenn Curtis – He was a man who was in love with planes and who was competing with the Wright in this field, and he was successful in designing planes, as well. However, it is less known that this man actually started to produce and design motorcycles in the first place. We should point out … Read more

Lazareth Moto Volante, The $500,000 Bike – 2024 Review

Lazareth has added a whole new dimension to the term custom bike with their incredible flying motorcycle. Based on their previous model, dubbed LM847, Moto Volante – or sky bike – has several different items. The V8 engine capable of delivering 470 horsepower has been exchanged for an electric motor, while the wheels come with … Read more

Amazing Bikes That Need to Be Built – 2024 Overview

You would be extremely lucky to see most of these bikes on road. To be honest, a vast majority of them will never be driven on a road any time soon, some never, but that doesn’t take away anything from their beauty. They represent the latest trends in motorcycle design and in the years to … Read more

Curtiss Zeus – The Motorbike of Tomorrow – 2024 Review

When the world of motorbikes is concerned, there have been numerous models and numerous types of those in the past few years and all of them were the attempts to bring something new in the production of motorbikes. The innovations were in all possible areas of motorbike constructions. More precisely, manufacturers tried to make them … Read more