So Sleek! How Car Aesthetics Influence Our Perception

Buying a car is a one-time life experience for many people, which is why they consider numerous factors when purchasing their dream car. In a Statista 2022 survey, it is revealed that about 32% of buyers consider car design as the most important factor that affects their purchase.

Car aesthetics includes the appearance of the car, graphics, and various other ergonomic elements. Some of the common car aesthetic features that many people pay attention to are paint color, windows, interior lighting, wheel rims, etc.

5 Ways Car Aesthetics Affect Buyer’s Perception

Here is how the aesthetics of a car influence the perception of buyers.

Status Symbol


There are many people who purchase cars that can flaunt their status in the society. Such buyers give more importance to the car aesthetics rather than safety, fuel efficiency, or comfort factors. They are likely to buy a high-end and aesthetically pleasing car.

Unique Brand Design Statement

Buyers are often interested in purchasing cars that have unique brand designs, which can not be found in cars from other brands. The unique brand design can be the design of the grille, doors, windows, lamps, etc. Some of the notable unique design features of various car brands are:

  • Rolls Royce – The Spirit of Ecstacy
  • Rear lamps of the Nissan Skyline GT-R and Nissan GT-R
  • Upward-swiveling doors of Lamborghini
  • Hofmeister Kink at the rear window of BMW
  • Horbury Shoulder of Volvo
  • Front grille of Aston Martin
  • Ribbed tail lights of Mercedes
  • Custom grille and clean design lines of the Audi
  • Bowtie grille of Chevrolet
  • Car doors swing outwards and upwards of Aston Martin

First Impression

Another way how the aesthetics of a car influence the preference of the buyers is through first impressions. If the buyer is instantly impressed by the outer look and appearance of the car, they will pay more attention to that specific car, increasing the chances of purchasing.

Car Value

If the aesthetics of the car are on another level, many buyers believe that the resale value of the car will also be higher. As a result, this prompts them to buy the vehicle.

Comfort And Style

Apart from the outer design, buyers also pay attention to the aesthetic of the car’s interior. If the interior is of high quality and well-designed, it gives instant comfort to the buyers. In addition to that, a vehicle with great aesthetic features is always on the stylish side.

What Car Aesthetics Impact The Preference Of Buyers

We know that many buyers pay great attention to aesthetics when buying a vehicle. But, are you wondering what these aesthetic features are? They are listed below.

Aerodynamic Shape

The aerodynamic shape of the car is one of the primary aesthetic features which the buyers watch out for. Teardrop is the most well-known aerodynamic car shape. Some people are inclined towards futuristic car shapes, while others prefer vintage vehicle shapes. In the end, it comes down to the personal choice of the buyers.

Wheel Rims


The wheel rims are another aesthetic point of a vehicle. Many people are looking for cars that come with premium and sporty wheel rims so that they can perform better and enhance the look of the vehicle when you drive it on the road. Some buyers even customize the rims of the wheel to suit their personal choice. Wheelpoint offers a wide range of custom rims for various car brands.

Paint Color


Paint color is one of the first things that people notice in a car. Grayscale colors like white, black, silver or gray are the top choices, while White is definitely the most popular among the buyer community. Buyers who want to make their car stand out generally choose red, yellow, green, or orange colors.

Though Grayscale colors are popular for everyday cars, exotic and high-end luxury car owners prefer unique colors like blue, orange, red, etc. Some of them even use two-shade paints to customize the look of the car.

Panoramic Windows

The panoramic window, popularly known as ‘sunroof,’ adds incredible aesthetics to a car. Sunroof allows more natural light and air into the vehicle, a sense of openness, and you can watch the night sky from your car, which is why it is a popular aesthetic feature among buyers.

Car Interior Color

Car Interior Color

Buyers also look at the interior color of the vehicle. In general, many prefer either white (light-colored) or black (dark-colored) interior, which is common for regular cars. However, luxury car owners who have custom or exotic vehicles want to add great aesthetic detail for the vehicle’s interior that matches the exterior.

You can choose a two-toned interior like light leather brown + black, maroon + dark brown, red + black, navy + gold, and many more. Some of the best interior color choices are listed below:

  • Full black interior for red exterior
  • Gray wood with aluminum interior for dark blue or navy exterior
  • Dark brown walnut interior for off-white exterior
  • Espresso wood interior for soft beige or metallic exterior
  • Silver interior for bright orange exterior

Bottom Line

The aesthetics of the car are an important factor that greatly affect the purchasing preference of the buyers. It is because people want to buy aesthetically pleasing cars that increase their status, give more comfort, and enhance the resale value of the vehicle. From car interior to wheel rims, there are many aesthetic factors that buyers focus on, which is why car brands are coming up with new aesthetics to attract more buyers.