What is Ceramic Coating and Why it Works on Motorcycles

The reasons I love motorcycles are not only for the way they make me feel but also for their cool look. Now that cool look can be quite a pain to maintain, especially when you have work to do or other things that life brings in front of you but as every true biker I did find a remedy for this after many errors. This remedy is called ceramic coating, to really make your bike look shiny and easier for you to wash it, trust me this is the solution you’re looking for.

Its great effects can be replicated on motorcycles without a problem. I’ve seen what it does to my car but I was surprised when I saw that it did the same thing to my bike and even looked better. Now, let’s dig a bit deeper to check why this is the cure for a dirty and old-looking motorcycle or to give a new shiny look to your bike.

What is Ceramic Coating?

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Picture a liquid shield that is applied carefully by hand, letting it embrace the entire surface of your motorcycle. As it cures, it doesn’t just stay put, it merges in harmony, providing long-lasting protection that traditional wax coating can’t match. Now, what I do like to use is ceramic coatings that are in sprays, they’re really easy to use and much cheaper.

You can use them multiple times before you run out and do it from the comfort of your home. What makes them special is silicon dioxide, a primary ingredient in many coatings because of its unique properties such as protection, hydrophobic features, etc. But not many of these sprays have it in large doses as Nexgen ceramic spray does, it has 13% silicon dioxide and I love the effects that it had on my bike.

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Why Ceramic Coatings Should be Used by Motorcycle Enthusiasts

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When you dive into the world of ceramic coating, it feels like discovering a magic trick for your motorcycle. It’s a mix of art and chemistry. The ingredients here are the nanoparticles, creating a surface that’s not just incredibly smooth but also resistant to contaminants. This smoothness is the game-changer. It makes the surface so slippery, making it super hard for dirt, grime, or bugs to stick. Whether you’re gliding down rain-soaked highways or navigating dusty trails, your bike will look remarkably cleaner and will make cleaning up after the ride incredibly easy. Here are 5 benefits you’ll gain using a ceramic coating on your bike:

1. Protection

Riding exposes motorcycles to harsh elements. Things like UV rays, acid rain, and unpredictable weather can really wear down its appearance. That’s where ceramic coating comes in, protecting your bike from these elements and keeping its finish intact.

2. Scratch Resistance

The tiny particles in ceramic coating like the silicon dioxide we talked about above form a defense against scratches and swirls. Not from big scratches though but it is a relief to know that minor bumps won’t ruin that fresh finish.

3. Easy to Maintain

Ceramic coated motorcycles are easy to maintain. The hydrophobic nature of these ceramic sprays makes it hard for dirt and grime to stick. All it takes is a simple rinse or a gentle wash to restore the motorcycle’s shine. This not only it’s a time-saver, but also makes sure that harsh chemicals or rough cleaning techniques aren’t needed.

4. Longevity

The longevity provided by ceramic coating is a valuable investment to make. Unlike conventional waxes or sealants, which demand regular reapplication, ceramic coating stands strong for years if applied by professionals. This saves you money in the long run and gives you peace of mind knowing your bike is well-protected. If you don’t mind reapplying the ceramic spray once a year by yourself I would suggest you use ceramic sprays because they’re cheaper compared to ceramic coatings applied by professionals.

5. Aesthetics

More than just protection, ceramic coating elevates your bike look to a whole new level. The glossy, mirror-like finish brings out the depth and richness of your motorcycle’s paint, giving it a showroom-level finish that’s there to impress.

Why it Works on Your Motorcycle

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With aesthetics and performance in mind, keeping your motorcycles in top shape is key. Ceramic coating steps up as the superior choice, delivering long-lasting shine and shield that conventional methods lack. It’s a way of protecting and cherishing your bike. It’s a sign that every ride should be special, a way to honor the bond between you and your bike. With ceramic coating, you’re not just keeping your motorcycles safe but you also celebrating it.

Aside from its protective qualities, ceramic coating plays a vital role in shielding your motorcycle from the sun’s harmful UV rays. Over time, exposure to these rays can lead to paint fading and degradation. By acting as a barrier, ceramic coating absorbs and spreads out the effects of UV radiation, ensuring your motorcycle’s paint stays vibrant and unspoiled.

It can be customized to cater to your motorcycle’s individual needs. Whether you have a vintage cruiser, a rugged adventure bike, or a streamlined sports model, ceramic coating can be adjusted to offer the optimal blend of protection and improvement for your individual ride.


As we look in the end, ceramic coating stands as a part of the evolution of car and motorcycle care. In a world where every ride feels like an adventure, ceramic coating is there to make sure that our motorcycles not only withstand the journey but look even more magnificent on the other side.

Keep in mind all of the things we talked about in this article if you think like I do that is always a good idea to keep a ceramic spray with you ready for use whenever you need that shine and protection on your bike.