The Different Types of Electric Scooters: Buy Before You Know

An electric scooter is an amazing technology with worldwide buzz. It helps in daily commuting greatly. Plus, it can be of great help for kids to roam around the neighborhood with a variety of electric scooters. But this brings up an important question, “Do you know the different types?”

Well, it is essential to get the right e-scooter. And in today’s write-up, we will introduce to you a‘s thorough buying guide on electric scooters along with different types with their pros and cons. And if you want to know more about electric scooters for older kids and young adults, click here.

The Different Types of Electric Scooters:

It can vary depending on its mechanism, design, tire shape, motor power, battery capacity and  how it works, etc. In the following list, we will disclose the most popular e-scooter types to help you get a grief idea about them.

Electric kick scooters:

Close your eyes and imagine the daily traffic. What do you see? We are sure you have noticed a two-wheeled e-scooter in the imaginative traffic. Yes, this is the electric kick scooter.

They are the most basic of all and economical. It is a standing scooter with a simple design. It is pretty compact and has a handlebar allowing the rider to control its direction. Its compactness helps riders navigate comfortably through the busy traffic.

I used to add a seat on the scooter when I was younger since I had problems standing for a long time. You can do the same, and it will surely elevate riding comfort and convenience. Also, you can get the larger version in the form of a three-wheeled kick scooter.

Also, you can fold the handlebar (in most cases), which further adds convenience in storing the kick scooter. Finally, with a basic design and affordable pricing, this could be the perfect go-to option for regular neighborhood and office rides.

Foldable electric scooters:


Many officer goers are afraid of losing their e-scooters to thieves as they work in offices or industries. That’s why the concept of a foldable electric scooter came on the market. It comes in a pretty compact shape and supports a quick foldable feature.

It means you can fold it and keep it under the working table when not in use. It adds convenience and safeguards the scooter from theft. Apart from these benefits, it is powerful and speedy. So, you can pass through the busy traffic faster.

Plus, the foldable scooter is easy to maintain and is a bit heavyweight. It offers balance and stability as you ride over it.

And guess what? The folding capacity of these scooters is as easy as you might imagine. When you want to fold it, simply press the folding portion, give it thirst, and off you go-one, two, and three! How simple and magical it is!

Fat tired electric scooters:

The 1st time we saw this fat boy, we thought someone had accidentally chopped a fully functional motorbike and presented its sliced version to me. Yes, with fat tires resembling the motorcycle tires and a thicker shape, this scooter truly brings added comfort and safety at riding.

The tires are made wider with great traction on the ground. Wider tires provide improved stability. So, riding the scooter is less tricky. It is suitable for daily rides, and you may even consider it for off-road riding.

However, if you truly love adventure and want to go off-trail during weekends, I have one better electric scooter type for you.

Off-road electric kick scooters:

It is a combo of fat-tired and standard kick scooters. If you dislike restricting your e-scooter in the smooth city roads and are willing to go on long routes and countryside, the off-road kick scooters are the best way to go about for you.

You can take it in the woods and rocky trails. Its thicker and wider tires add stability and help in better balancing. Plus, it is lightweight and so is easy to move. It also helps in long rides since you will feel less stress and pressure riding it.

The motor is powerful, and the batteries are durable too. So, it will run for a long period. The battery and motor are protected with a shield. Lastly, a suspension system makes sure you feel the least jerks even on the worst roads.

Electric mopeds:

The chances are high that whenever you searched the internet with the word ‘scooter,’ you have come across this electric scooter image. Yes, most people simply call it a scooter. Don’t be surprised! Even we used to call it a scooter when we were kids.

So, here I put insight on it to end your confusion forever. The shape of electric mopeds resembles the standard two-wheelers. The difference lies in the way it operates.

Unlike two-wheelers, it runs with electricity or a battery. Also, its motor is electric and powerful with wider tires. The seat is wider and comfortable, and often, the battery-powered motor is located right underneath the seat.

Hence, mopeds are compact and easy to control due to their lightweight design. The motor operates so quietly that it remains inaudible mostly. So, it reduces noise pollution too. Its efficiency comes in handy for daily rides and can be a good company for regular commutes to go to the office, market, or neighborhood with added comfort.

Electric scooter for kids:

They have the widest options and are lighter than electric scooters for adults. Safety and riding comfort is the premier concept since they are made for kids. These models are available in both two and three-wheel designs.

However, I would recommend giving children the three-wheeled version since it is safer and more comfortable.  They have a seat and may have a small basket in the back for kids to carry their sports items or school bags.

They are highly stable, protecting kids from unpredictable conditions. So, you shouldn’t feel worried about their safety.

Final Words

These are the top six different types of electric scooters. However, I can’t conclude the discussion without mentioning self-balancing e-scooters. They are used mostly for showing tricks and need massive time to learn the art of riding the scooters.

I hope now you truly understand which type is going to meet your daily riding requirements. So, tell me, which is your favorite electric scooter?