Mantis 8 – Who Should Buy It?

This year is slowly approaching its middle, which means that we are already well organized in spending time, spending money, and acting. So now that we are well into the year and when we already know the conditions, but we also have enough money saved we can plan some investment. If you have a desire to buy something but are not sure if this is the right time to invest, economists would tell you that you are choosing the perfect timing to invest no matter what. What are the reasons? The reasons are that the year is already half over and you have certainly planned how to spend but you certainly have good savings, you further want to invest in a time of crisis which is great and of course – in summer the least money is spent and there is the least cost means that you are free to fulfill your desire.

But think carefully about what you would invest in because professionals say it is best to invest in a lasting good. What is lasting good? It is something that you will use for a long time. When we say that you will use it for a long time, we mean types of durable goods such as housing, car, speedboat, motorcycle, yacht, or electric scooter, which are considered durable goods or goods that can be used for a longer period. If you are eco-oriented and eco-friendly and you have not yet decided what you would like to buy or what you want to invest your money in, then we would advise it to be a great option that will be at the same time environmentally friendly and practical. When we say practical we mean that it is a tool that you can take anywhere, to spend everywhere with it, not to have to think about crowds and the like. Yes, we are thinking of a practical solution such as electric scooters. How is that practical? You can go anywhere, you will not pollute the environment, and your trip will be fast and interesting. Were you interested in our proposal? If we have interested you enough and if you want to focus on eco transport, today we will talk about that. Today we will talk about a novelty on the market known as Mantis 8 – an electric scooter that moved the criteria for the production of this type of vehicle that protects the environment because they are eco-friendly and serve with a renewable energy source. Want to know more? We present to you pros who will make you buy it, cons who will show you which flaws you should pay attention to when you own it. Also, you can check all you need on Let’s get started!

Pros of Mantis 8
  1. Great performance for the price you pay – this is a model of electric scooter that gives you high value for the low price you pay. It is a model that you can find for a price that does not exceed 1,300 dollars, and yet it has a perfect performance similar to the performance of scooters that are above this price. It has a great battery that can serve you actively for the next few hours without stopping driving at all which is great, unlike other models which are cheaper and have batteries that can actively serve you much less.
  2. Tubeless tires, eco mode, LED lights, and many other features that you are looking for in an electric scooter – if you have certain requirements that an electric scooter needs to meet then we are sure that a very large part of those requirements can be met model Mantis 8. What this model can boast of are the perfect wheels which are perhaps one of the few that can be found in a model of scooter, the ecological work program that gives you enough motivation to buy it because is environmentally friendly and has LED bulbs that do not consume too much energy but are powerful enough to illuminate.
  3. Great ride that is 100% safe because this model has disc brakes – if you are looking for driving safety and if for you safety means you can drive without a worry, then this model offers it. With it, you can have 100% safe driving since it is positioned on one of the best brakes that work with the help of discs that by pressing the lever instantly reduce the speed which is very important especially in unpredictable situations.
  4. It is great for driving in an urban environment – if you live in one part of the city and your workplace is in another part of the city then this scooter model is ideal for you. Wondering why? The reason is easy and simple. It is ideal for city driving. You can ride it on the paths marked for bicycles and electric scooters, you can ride it on the part of the streets that are made of asphalt, which has a section for scooters, and it is also great for areas made of tiles. It is worth trying and then talking about its perfection.
  5. This model boasts a weight that is perhaps the most ideal unlike other models – if you are looking for something that can be just as easy and fast then it is this model that with its weight of nearly 26 kg can boast of excellent speed reaching up to 26.9 mph. This is definitely the best option on the market for you to use.

And the only Cons of Mantis 8 are
  1. In some cases this model may be a little rough due to the specific wheels – when we say that it can be rough it means that driving can be uncomfortable, but only in conditions such as uneven areas or areas with holes. Therefore, you will need to avoid such roads and enjoy driving.
  2. You will have to be careful because on rainy days you can get wet – you need to follow the weather forecast regularly because if the weather is rainy you can easily get wet. However, it becomes a type of transport that has no protection for you from getting wet, so you will need to be very careful in such weather conditions!

Have we presented enough and already managed to help you decide? Then what are you waiting for? Search the internet, confirm your purchase decision and get yourself one of these wonderful outfits known as Mantis 8.