Driving in Dubai: Unobvious Rules and Tips

Many tourists and business people coming to the United Arab Emirates prefer to rent a car. It is a good option for traveling from one emirate to another and getting around the city. It is not unusual for first-time visitors to the UAE to find that pedestrians do not feel as comfortable as drivers. The … Read more

How to Park a Motorcycle Safely – 2024 Guide

Parking a motorcycle is often a neglected part of riders’ training, despite being a very important part of owning and using a bike. After all, your bike will spend most of its time parked and doing it properly can save you a lot of grief. How to park a motorcycle is a crucial skill every … Read more

6 Reasons why E-scooters are Good for the Environment

The demand for electric vehicles is increasing rapidly, and they are believed to replace diesel-operated vehicles in the times to come. Given the increasing pollution in the environment, electric vehicles are considered the best alternative to traditional vehicles. Are you planning to buy an electric scooter? It is one of the handiest transportation options and … Read more