2019 Triumph Street Twin Review

The new Street Twin by Triumph is a better performing, better looking, and more fun to ride a motorcycle than the previous version. Everything about it is designed to deliver the maximum enjoyment for the rider. This is a major step forward for the most successful custom classic by the manufacturer, as the new generation brings torque-rich Bonneville power, higher specification equipment that gives more control and comfort, the all-new first-in-class technology, and a premium style and design.

In addition to all of this, there is a wide range of customizing capabilities for riders who wish to add a more personalized and authentic character to their bike. The modern classic is renowned for the accessible overall performance, usability, riding feels and the iconic style that is timeless. Read on to learn more about the new Street Twin.

Key Features

1. Brembo Front Brakes

The bike has excellent stopping power, a better bite, and a greater rider control with the new single 310 mm disc, 4-piston front brake caliper by Brembo. In the back, Nissan two-piston caliper and a single 255 mm disc do the work.

Img source: bennetts.co.uk

2. Cartridge Forks

The higher specification 41mm cartridge forks offer 1200mm of travel, which is good for a more comfortable and confident ride.

3. Ride Modes

The first-in-class riding modes “Rain” and “Road” help the rider adjust the throttle map and traction control settings. Therefore, more riding control is available through a dedicated button on the left switch cube.

4. Torque-Assist Clutch

The new torque-assist clutch is great for an easier and more enjoyable ride. It is optimized to reduce the clutch lever effort, which is most useful during stopping and starting in urban rides.

Img source: bennetts.co.uk

5. TPMS Capability

For even better convenience of the rider, the electronic Tire Pressure Monitoring System is available.

6. ABS and a Switchable Traction Control

The latest generation of ABS and switchable traction control will help you control the exciting torque of the bike whenever you need it. These modern safety standards are responsive, compact, and present with minimal visuals, while they maximize safety.

7. Rider-Focused Technology

These include a new power-efficient LED rear light, a Triumph-badged immobilizer, and a USB charger under the seat. These further modernize the bike for the 21st century.

Img source: bennetts.co.uk

8. Rider Ergonomics and Enhanced Comfort

Although the bike is famous for its accessible ride, the new model comes with even better ergonomics and more comfort, thanks to an updated riding position and improved construction of the seat.

9. New Cast Wheels

The multi-spoke 18-inch front and 17-inch rear wheels on the new Street Twin are made from cast aluminum alloy. They have machined detailing and Phantom Sports Comp tires, meaning they are both durable and capable.

10. Premium Styling

Modern detailing and finishes come together to give the iconic Street Twin an even higher level of premium quality and design.

Technical Details

The Tank capacity of the Twin is 3.2 gallons, while the complete bike weighs 437 pounds. The wheelbase is 55.7 inches, and the seat height is 29.9 inches. Rake and trail are 25.1 degrees and 4 inches, respectively.


The power mill in this 900 cc bike is a Liquid-cooled, SOHC, 270-degree parallel twin, with four valves per cylinder. The engine delivers 65 horsepower at 7,500 rpm, and 59 foot-pounds at 3,200 rpm. A five-speed gearbox has all the gears you will need on this bike. The bike can go more than 100 mph.

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The front suspension is upgraded with the new KYB 41 mm cartridge fork, a more than welcome upgrade for 2019. It has 4.72 inches of travel. Regarding the back, it has KYB twin shocks that are adjustable for preload. They also have 4.72 inches of travel.

Other Accessories

Both the seats and gauges are new, while the rear taillight has LEDs. The handlebars have an attractive brushed and black metal mirrors. Lastly, two pairs of smaller turn signals and detailed finishes on the engine case round out the visuals. Most of these are customizable, so feel free to come up with your own design.

Img source: goaz.com


The 2019 model of the Triumph Street Twin will have a starting price tag of $9,300. This means it will be $200 more expensive than the previous model.


The 2019 model of the Street Twin is exactly what it says it is, a simple and classically styled British motorcycle. It has fuel injection, modern brakes, and a decent suspension, making it a perfect city commuter, as well as a back road cruiser on the weekends. Either way, you will surely be satisfied if you like this type of motorcycles.