Brake Light Bulb Replacement Cost

The brake light bulb is a critical element of the vehicle’s safety system. It acts as a signal to drivers following you that you are about to reduce speed and apply the brakes. It’s a good idea to frequently check your brake lights to make sure they’re working and are visible.

By doing this, you guarantee that safety comes first. Safety is the main focus of the car’s lights. If you ignore your car brake lights it can be very dangerous for you and the people traveling with you.

Hence it is very necessary to check the brake lights regularly. Replace the brake light as and when required for safe driving. Every bulb, from the brake lights to the headlights, must be functional. You will be safe while driving in low visibility if you do this.

Therefore, the replacement of a brake light is roughly around $5 to $10 for the bulb and $10 to $20 for labor, while some designs cost a little more. Here we will explain the brake lights and guide you to replace the brake light on your own.

How much will a brake light bulb replacement cost?

The brakes are the key safety precaution on any car, and the brake lights let other drivers know that you are going to slow down or stop.

The brake lights show up when you apply the brakes normally, then they quickly turn dim or go out. This might happen multiple times per minute.

The usage of conventional brake light bulbs will cause them to eventually burn out. Depending on the type of bulb and usage, replacing the brake light bulb may be necessary once a year on some cars and some cars may need several years to replace the brake lights.

Regardless of whether one needs to brake quickly to ensure safe driving in adverse weather, one should brake properly with the replacement bulbs.

The cost of brake light bulb replacement can vary significantly depending on the make and model of your vehicle. The most common brake light bulb is the 3157NA or 3457NA. The price of replacement bulbs can range from $5.50 to $24.00. You can shop online here for an affordable brake light bulb.

The most expensive bulbs are the ones that are sold as OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). An OEM bulb is one that is manufactured by the same company that manufactured the original bulb. The last thing you want is to replace your bulb and have it blow out again within a week. This is where buying a generic bulb can save you a lot of frustration and money. They are not manufactured by the same company that made the original bulb but they are manufactured with the same specifications that the OEM is.

Some may have brake lights that can range from $8 to $17, while the cost of the repair work is from $60 to $200. But if you visit a car dealer, you will have to pay anything from $200 to $2000.

What is a bulb for a brake light?

The majority of vehicles on the road today still use conventional brake lights. It’s a household-style lightbulb-like car bulb with a filament that flashes white-hot and spreads light in all directions.

A wired socket inside the rear assembly holds a brake light bulb that is powered by a 12-volt battery.

When the brake pedal is applied, either lightly or strongly, a sensor turns on, supplying electricity to the brake light bulb circuit.

The brake lights go out when the brake pedal is fully released. The heat produced by brake light bulbs is so intense that touching one will cause you to get burned.

The filament inside the bulb may burn through due to this heat and repeated use.The filament can no longer carry power; hence the bulb needs to be changed if it stops working.

When the power is no longer delivered to the filament, brake light bulb replacement is required. It is critical to change the brake light bulb at this time. To reduce the chance of a traffic accident, it is a good idea to replace the brake light bulb as soon as you notice the change in your brake light bulb.

Different Causes of Brake Light Replacement

  • At least one brake light is dim.
  • Damage to one or more brake lights
  • Most high-end cars have an indication that shows an alert or message will appear if any adjustment is necessary.
  • It is generally good to change brake lights in pairs because uneven lighting might make it harder to see on the road.

How to Replace Brake Light Bulb
  • Begin with the bonnet.
  • If you have easy access to the assembly then look for the part when you open the bonnet.
  • If you cannot get to the assembly from inside the car then you will need to loosen the bolts.
  • Take off the lens cap – Locate the socket.
  • Take out the old bulb, replace it, and then replace the brake light socket.
  • You can request the assistance of your buddies to test the bulb by pressing the brake pedal while driving.

Why is the replacement of the brake light bulb important?

There is a reason why brake light bulbs are put on. It is for your protection as well as the safety of the cars following you. When a driver applies the brakes to prevent an accident, it is a signal to other drivers to pay attention.

Always have bright lighting in the brake light bulbs. Poor brake light illumination provides insufficient notice to vehicles following you. This increases the likelihood of accidents and road rage as well as the likelihood of extremely frustrating driving scenarios.


Depending on the type of vehicle, the cost to replace a brake light is also quite average. The average cost for a self-service brake light replacement is $20.

The repair is rather basic and may be completed by an average driver as well, even if you don’t have much knowledge of auto repair.

While each of the car’s lights is equally significant, brake lights are regarded as one of the most crucial light indicators that keep you and other drivers safe.