Gel Mat Battery: Pros and Cons

As time pass by, technology evolves in parallel with our way of usage. And as we strive for more, we end with something better. As for today’s topic will check out the good and the flaws of a Gel Mat battery.

If you are also looking for other RV batteries, you can visit But for today, let us focus on what a gel mat battery is. This can guide whether you are to upgrade or stay with the current RV battery that you have.

Without further ado, let us now unravel the pros and cons of a Gel Mat battery.

Gel Mat Battery: An overview


You need to know the basic knowledge about an RV Gel Mat Battery. It is like the standard lead-acid battery that is very common in the market. The only difference is that a gel battery has silica added in the electrolyte to form a substance similar to a gel. Hence the name gel batteries.

It works just the same as a lead-acid battery, too, only that the formulation of the gel makes it less with the maintenance.


Let’s move forward to the things that make a gel battery attractive to users.

  • Less to no maintenance at all

Since it does not possess liquid, little to no maintenance is required, which is a good thing, especially if you have a busy schedule ahead of you. It saves up time and budget that you can probably use on many other things like extended camping or a dine with a friend.

  • Guaranteed no leaks

Liquid batteries usually have a plastic case to prevent water from leaking out. But there are some instances that it still leaks out. You know how water can be stubborn at times. Now for the gel battery, it also has a plastic encasement. But it is upgraded with its valve feature that helps get rid of any additional pressure. This feature makes it possible to have no leaks at all.

  • Flexibility with installation

Since this battery does not leak and requires less to no maintenance, you can install it at any position and anywhere in your RV. We know that RV’s floor size can be a little tricky, especially if you have a lot of things inside. This kind of battery will help you save space and make it a little more like home.

  • Less hazard risk

For sure, that is the aim of every RV user. It is to have a safe home away from home. Now the threat in a traditional home is electrical problems that might lead to fire; it’s a different matter in an RV. If the battery breaks out or has casing damage, the lead inside will threaten anything it touches. Not to mention its high possibility to explode.

But here, in a gel battery, it is incredibly safe. Becas ether is no instances that the casing of a gel battery leaks out even though it is damaged.

  • Can resist vibration

As an observation with wet cell batteries, they are very prone to extreme vibrations. This is quite a problem for some and might input quite a noise. But with a gel battery, since it is a gel, it absorbs the vibration keeping it stable and the noise minimal.

  • Finally, no more fumes!

Because it is made of gel, the possibility of having fumes is less to minimal only. This makes it easier to charge at any place that you want. Also, you won’t need ventilation at all.

  • Getting discharged is not a problem.

They should not be discharged too much for other battery types because they will never charge at all if that happens. But here, with a gel battery, you can discharge as much as you like then charge like it’s brand new.


Are you hyped up already with the good things? Let us balance it out with the things it is not good with.

  • Pricey

Well, most things that are of good quality come with a price. If you want to upgrade to a gel battery, you might want to think of saving up to afford it. This is the joint restriction most RV users have why they shy away from buying this battery type. But always bear in mind that the price does not matter, especially if you are saving a lot from maintenance and repurchases.

  • Charging Dilemmas

It is pretty sensitive to this battery. Usually, it charges slow, and you can not leave it unattended. You have to take out the charger the moment it is done. Why? Because the gel substance in the battery will have problems in its electrolyte if it is left charging for too long. If that happens, the battery becomes irreparable already, which means wasted investment.

  • The problems with extreme heat

All battery types are susceptible to problems when exposed to too much heat. Plus, that shortens the life span of a battery. So make sure that you put it in a nice area where it will not get a lot of heat. That’s another way of keeping your battery health in good condition.


Gel Batteries are the result of all the flaws gathered from the previous batteries ahead of it. And what a great invention it is. It has helped many RV users who would like to experience great ease and comfort in their RV living.

And this is our aim as well, to help you have an excellent RV living. Batteries like this don’t just impose safety and savings but peaceful day-to-day life too. And that is something most of us are aiming for, especially now that the times are hard for every one of us.

We hope that this page has been a great help for you to understand what a gel battery is. We want to make sure that you have all the options laid out for you. If you have some things to share based on your experience, let us know right away to create a happy and helpful community of RV users.