The “Perfect” Biker Girlfriend

Biker girlfriends can be some of the hottest and most exciting people that you’ll ever meet. They are tough, smart, and always ready for a good time. Yet, what is it that makes them so interesting? We are going to show you what some people have said comprises the perfect biker babe. Remember that every guy has different standards, but these are some general ideas to consider.


Be one with the biker on the motorcycle; That is, to be tangible but not a burden

The primary thing that a lot of bikers look for in a biker girlfriend is how they share the man’s bike. Every guy with a motorcycle has been at a bar and had a girl ask to come and ride with him around the block. They are clingy, annoying, and they can mess up your turns if they tug too hard on your arms. You can’t have a biker girlfriend that is like that, or you’re going to end up hurt. So, the best type of woman is one that knows how to ride a bike on her own and knows how to relax on the back of a bike. She should be there reclined or holding on, but she should also be someone that is not a burden to the rider. A good biker partner is someone that knows how to make sure you know they’re on your bike without being a hindrance or a danger. If you don’t have a girlfriend yet, this site will help you find your ideal one.

A girl with “shapes”


Another thing that bikers will love in a girlfriend is the opportunity to have a partner that has some lovely shapes to them. When we talk about shapes, we mean that ladies should have the curves that most guys enjoy. There are no particular measurements that men should aim to experience with ladies that enjoy biking. But the fact of the matter is that a bike that is shapely is more likely to attract the attention of a man that is going to have the chance to interact with a lot of women over time. There are several ways that you can improve your body shape as a woman, though. Good exercises to help build the hips and posterior are available, and you can use them to get the shape that these guys would have the most interest in. Still, some ladies are enjoying the biker lifestyle without having that body type. Anything is possible, and a large part of it is up to the personal preferences of the man on the hog. It is more important to have the personality that the guys look for when you’re trying to be the perfect biker girlfriend.

Should be sympathetic to boozing at rallies and meetings with biker friends

When we’re talking about the personality that is attractive to biker guys, the fact of the matter is that the culture for biking is one based on permissiveness. You have to give your biker boyfriend the ability to go out and be himself without becoming a termagant. Specifically, too many women have problems with men who want to go out for partying and boozing all night long. If you want to appeal to a man that likes to hang out with his friends, you can’t have any reservations about his activities with his biker friends. That means no showing up at the clubhouse whining that he’s not home on time or that he’s coming home drunk. As long as he’s being safe, then you should not have any desire to complain to him about the outcomes. Now, there are some things that can concern a biker girlfriend. It is all but expected of you to make sure that no other women take an interest in your man, or there can be trouble. Outside of that realm of relationship strife, there is no need to stop your man from having fun!

I knew a little bit about the motorcycles


Another thing that every biker girlfriend needs to have is the ability to learn about motorcycles. In fact, if you’re trying to get a biker boyfriend, then the chances are you need to know a little bit about them right away. You should understand the basic parts of the bike, such as the engine, transmission, wheels, brakes, and all that. These parts serve the same functions in most of the cars on the road, too. You should also know the different types of motorcycles and why people ride them. Sports motorcycles are separate from the biker groups in most cases because they’re about speed instead of comfort and long riding. You should learn some of the slang that surrounds motorcycles too, like Old Lady, 99%, nicknaming bikes, and more. Finally, you have to know the motorcycle brands. All of this information can be easily discovered by doing a little bit of research on your own before trying to find a biker boyfriend!

With a character that is similar to yours

Lastly, you have to think about the kind of guy that you’re trying to attract. Too many women just go for the first man that shows up with a road hog. You need to spend time getting to know the person to make sure they’re a good match for you. Their character and principles should be similar to yours in terms of how you handle relationships, being apart for long periods of time, and their role in the MC. You might not want to be with a guy who is an associate; you might aim higher in the organization. All that matters is that you’re happy and secure with the person you choose to date.

Being the perfect biker girlfriend requires a little more work than batting your eyelashes at a guy from across the bar. You need to have the right mentality, understand the biker culture, and do your utmost to be satisfied with your partner’s activities. Every relationship is going to be different, but now you know the basics of being a good girlfriend for a biker!