6 Benefits of Telematics Systems in Truck Fleets

The advanced technology brings certain changes in the lives of people. These changes are actually ruling that people have to respect. This especially counts when we talk about businesses. You can’t run a business that is not modernized with different types of technology.

Imagine that you have 2 local competitors that achieve the same results as you. If they are willing to add advanced technology in the business, they will easily take your place on the market. They are not doing that only to make the business processes easier. There are certain requirements that our customers have as well. People use technology every day and they consider companies without technology less valuable. The quality of your products or services becomes irrelevant in that case.

Anyway, using telematics systems in truck fleets can bring many benefits to your business. However, people are not quite aware of things they can get. Many companies of this type stick to the traditional way of working.

Well, you came to the right place to discover those advantages. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will change your way of thinking.


1. Reduction of Operating Costs

Logically, each business owner strives to find ways to save money and reduce costs. You have heard many times the well-known quote – “Time is money”. Well, this also counts for businesses of this type. Each minute that you same across a fleet will ensure you a fuel-saving. Thanks to driver utilization, the drivers get the chance to lift equipment availability. In that way, they will meet the requirements and expectations of clients with existing assets.

Cost reduction is also possible when we talk about communication between drivers and fleet managers. Thanks to the cab-mounted tablet, the managers can update them about certain detours. Despite that, they can also reroute them if there are crowds in some areas they need to pass. Finally, directing the drivers to the closest fuel vendors becomes the easiest process of all.

2. Safety Improvement

Driving a truck for hours usually gets a lot of energy from the drivers. This especially counts for those that are still making the first steps. Because of that, their safety is something all business owners need to ensure.

The driver’s behavior is not actively on a high level. Reasons for that can be everything from a lack of concentration to a lack of energy. Well, thanks to telematics technology, there are certain indicators that you can follow and analyze the driver’s behavior. For example, you can see how quickly they accelerate from a stop, how fast they drive the truck, etc.


This can be also a good thing if the managers/business owners plan to reward drivers. The system will give them data based on the performances of the drivers. If they are close to the standard regulations, they can reward them at the end of the month.

3. Vehicle Performances

As we previously said, the security of the drivers is crucial. However, their driving is not the only factor that can negatively influence their safety. The truck they drive also needs to work fine in every moment. Well, the vehicle sensors give different alerts about different types of diagnostic issues. The routing center gets the information when each vehicle is out of the service.

Despite that, this type of problem brings problems for the business owners as well. When a vehicle stops working, this means that the other one needs to replace it. The replacement planning will be much easier in this way.


4. Bigger Satisfaction of the Drivers

Well, the motivation and satisfaction of the drivers is crucial. More precisely, your employees need to be inspired always during their working hours. Well, this is one more thing that telematics systems can bring to you.

Thanks to electronic logs, the drivers have more control over their daily routine. When you ensure that to your employee, you can be sure he will show you gratefulness. Each driver will know in every moment how much time they need to invest more to complete the job. Despite that, communication with dispatchers will be at a high level. That will help them to meet the requirements of the clients better. When you complete the job successfully, the level of motivation boosts even more.

There is another way of how you will raise the level of satisfaction of your drivers. Thanks to this system, they will have the chance to participate in different company meetings virtually. Sometimes raising the salary is not the biggest motivation of all. People like to feel that they are equal members of the group. Their daily communication with the managers and other drivers will make them work harder.

5. Attract New Drivers

Well, this can be a message to every entrepreneur in the world. When your workers are satisfied, they will start talking about it with the people around them. Your company will get the credibility and it will seem reliable for many drivers. In that way, you will get the chance to attract even the best ones. Sending a message “You will be happy here” is one of the main priorities of the businesses.


6. Overall Efficiency Increasement

Well, all the benefits that we mentioned will lead to the improvement of overall efficiency. First of all, each driver will have the chance to participate in real-time communication. This will help them avoid road delays that can reduce the quality of the service. Imagine that you add 5 minutes each hour to the driver’s working routine. That will give them extra time to accomplish more duties.

7. Bonus Tip: Ask for Help

It is sometimes tough to handle big data. However, finding the best way to reduce the quality of your services is a must-do thing. Some people will know how to handle the entire organization. Still, if this is a problem for you, a great solution exists.

Fortunately, certain consulting companies can help you. They can give you some advanced telematics solutions that can make it more user-friendly and easy-to-understand. Our recommendation is to visit Mobilizz and see which services you can get. If you use this system in the right way, the benefits we talked about will come soon.