11 Discontinued Car Models That You Can Only Buy At The Dealership

Cars, from the old to the new, have been on the market for a little over 100 years. During that time, they have been updated and improved on so often that it’s hard to keep track of all the changes each year brings.

In this article, we’ll be looking at 11 models – some newer, some older – that are being discontinued in 2024 or have already been discontinued and are now available only at your local dealership.

1. Volkswagen Golf TSI


The Volkswagen Golf TSI is a fresh salad of style and sporty performance. With 170 horsepower coming from the turbocharged four-cylinder engine, this one offers more for less and is ideal for people looking to save on fuel but still fulfil their need for speed.

It’s a car for those who don’t want hyper-performance but hyper-efficiency from their vehicle. The TSI engine offers incredible fuel economy, and it’s fun to drive on the right roads. It doesn’t have the power of many Japanese or American counterparts, but this is not meant to be an enthusiasts machine.

2. BMW i3


BMW’s traditional luxury lines have been fused with electric mobility to produce the most efficient city car yet. The BMW i3 is a five-door, plug-in hybrid that is powered by a smart electric drive system, which features a lightweight KERS system that assists braking and acceleration.

The BMW i3 is the perfect car for an eco driver. The battery can last up to 190km on a single charge, and with its sporty design, sporty feel and sporty functions for sporty drivers, it will soon become your favourite car ever.

3. Mercedes-Benz S-Class Convertible and Coupe


The S-Class Convertible is the ultimate luxury vehicle just waiting for you to take the top down drives on a sunny day. Rev up your engine and experience the joy of driving the car that stands out in any crowd just by opening the retractable roof.

The 463 horsepower V8 engine and the rear-wheel-drive give this convertible unrivalled power and control. With a four-wheel independent suspension, it has a unique ability to handle the toughest of curves with ease. However, this beauty is hard to come by, so you might want to consult with someone at indyautoman.com to get yourself the best deal possible.

4. Volvo V60


The Volvo V60, with its sporty and sleek design, delivers a comfortable and dynamic driving experience. With 250 horsepower and an all-wheel-drive system to keep you in control, this vehicle is perfect for families or giving your passengers a relaxing ride. The Volvo V60 has plenty of space inside with five adult seats and a 15.9-gallon tank, so it’ll go the distance.

5. Volvo V90


With its dynamic, athletic design and Scandinavian craftsmanship, the V90 is the perfect combination of modernity and tradition. The Volvo V90 is a true family car. The front-wheel-drive offers good traction on any road, and the six-cylinder turbocharged engine delivers 197 HP while still giving you a reasonable 6.5 – 7.7 l/100km fuel consumption and a maximum speed of 180 km/h. It also offers an impressive range of features and technology, including an advanced semi-autonomous driver assistance system.

6. Toyota Land Cruiser


The Land Cruiser is a midsize SUV for explorers and adventurers, both on and off the road. From its powerful turbocharged diesel engine to its luxurious interior and seven seats, this is Toyota’s best car for drivers who never back down from a challenge.

Thanks to its spacious interior and relatively decent fuel economics, Toyota Land Cruiser is also a nice, reliable family car. So, if you’re a family man looking to travel in style – this might just be the SUV you were looking for.

7. Hyundai Veloster


The new Hyundai Veloster takes the three-door experience and amplifies it to a new level. With room for up to four passengers, future-thinking technology and creature comforts, and impressive performance across the board, with 275 HP and decent fuel usage, the Veloster offers more than many others in this price range.

8. Mazda 6


The Mazda 6 has always been an impressive car. It’s only grown in size and power since its first release, nowadays coming with 187 HP, six gears, automatic transmissions and top of the line 4-wheel disk brakes. With its ever-growing safety features and efficient transportation, this car might just be worth your next purchase.

In addition, Mazda 6 seats up to five passengers in comfort and style, with its smooth handling, crisp steering, and sharp looks. The perfect combination for exploring the city or just enjoying a scenic drive with your family or friends.

9. Mazda CX-3


The Mazda CX-3 2024 is an all-wheel-drive compact car that offers a decent fuel economy, attractive and affordable price, and a six-speed automatic transmission with front-wheel drive.

The compact Mazda CX-3 is a great option for buyers looking for a small SUV with lots of space in the back and a sporty feel. The engine’s a 2.0L SKYACTIV-G DOHC 16-Valve 4-cylinder that delivers 148 horsepower, giving you the power you need to manoeuvre any terrain or road.

10. Honda Clarity


If you’re looking for the perfect commuter car that also has the ability to go on long distances, then Honda Clarity is for you. This fuel-efficient, lightweight, highly powerful vehicle will take you anywhere at any time. With its five-passenger seating capacity and spacious interior, you and your family might just have the time of your life on your next trip.

11. Nissan NV200


This Nissan van is the perfect transporter – light enough for easy operation but still tough and substantial enough to make getting work done a pleasure. Nissan NV200 may not be the most expensive vehicle on the market, but it’s definitely one of the safest ones with its four-wheel ABS system and front-wheel drive.

It can get up to 25 miles per gallon on highways with its 126 horsepower engine, so you won’t have to worry about wasting money on gas while you’re doing your work.


Just like everything else, car models come and go. Hopefully, you’ll get your hands on one of these before someone else buys them. Good luck.