How To Fix Broken Helmet ( Step By Step )

The helmet visor is a very crucial tool that helps to improve your vision and protect the face.

It is essential to know that when you are wearing the helmet visor, it will save your life during a fall, for it will at least absorb the majority of the blow.

When the helmet has fallen because of just a slight hit to the head, it is crucial to check whether the helmet visor has suffered any damage.

If there is any broken part whatsoever, it is good to fix it immediately. When there is a delay, the broken part can be worse to an extent that fixing it will no longer guarantee you maximum safety. Here is how to fix it.

Line up the pieces that have been broken

The first thing you need to do is to line up all the visor pieces that have been broken. You must do that in an open area. Lining them up will help you know whether there is any piece that is missing.

If so, you need to locate where that piece is to make the visor complete. This will be effective if you arrange them in order so that you can know which part is missing.

Remove a visor from your helmet

After you have lined up the pieces that have been broken, you need to remove a visor from your helmet. This will require you to do it with care to prevent further break that might happen. You can then place it close to the broken pieces. Then join the pieces together the same way they were before they broke.

Use the tape to cover the part which has not been broken

The unbroken parts need to be taped to prevent the glue from sprinkling to that part. But if you want to apply glue the whole visor, you don’t have to do so.

Apply super glue

Once the helmet visors break, some parts get short cracks, and this will require the super glue to fit them. You need to note that when you apply super glue on large cracks, it will become too brittle. Typically, you need to hold together the cracked parts and use a small dot of glue to that part and place the cotton wool around the visor.

Apply extra drops of glue to the cotton ball and then pack it tightly to the cracked part using the disposable tool. Wait for the glue to dry and then remove the disposable device. After that, there is an excellent bond between the cracked parts and more robust than the new one. It is recommended to apply the glue in an open area because the chemicals in glue can burn the nose and eye.

Apply epoxy outside the visor to the broken parts

Ensure the pieces of the visor which you have lined up are in the right position as it was before the visor breaks. Apply the epoxy gently and carefully to the damaged areas. Primarily, epoxy is recommended because it is easy to use and more robust. Do not worry when it becomes rough, for you can use sand. You can sand it up to the time you are satisfied that the visor is intact. Then wait until it dry, and this will depend on the specific epoxy label.

Apply the epoxy inside the visor

The epoxy needs to be applied inside the helmet visor to reinforce it. This is done by setting the screen properly to access the part that needs to be fixed. Gently and carefully apply the epoxy and use the disposable tool to compact it tightly. Then use the sand to reinforce and then wait for it to dry.

Remove the tape and wipe the visor

Once the glue has dry up, slowly and gently remove the tape that was covering the unbroken part. Then soak a clean cloth in water that has detergent. Gently wipe the visor with this clean cloth to remove the sand that may have been left. Then rinse it using freshwater and place it on the sun to dry. Leave it o for twenty minutes, and it will thoroughly dry.

Put the visor back to the helmet

Once the visor is dry, put it back to the helmet as it was there before, and now you can continue with your ride.