How To Clean Helmet Visor Scratches (Step By Step)

How To Clean Motorcycle Helmet Visor ScratchesWhether you win or lose a soccer game, the motorcycle helmet may have some damage. Scratches, peeling paint, and dents are typical and are at the end of a season. They make the helmet have an awkward appearance.

If you are using the helmet visor to improve the vision and protect the face, it is a good idea to clean the scratches. You need to take time to clean helmet visor scratches to extend the life of the visor and maintain your vision. Here is how to do it step by step:

1. Place the helmet near the clean sink to remove all paddings

Remove items from the sink and place them on the dry towel. Put the helmet on a sheet and get a washcloth and the mild dish soap. If the helmet has any removable padding or electric system, remove and put them aside.

2. Dip the washcloth in warm water

Take a clean and soft cloth and turn on the hot water in the sink. Wait for about two to three minutes for the water to reach its maximum temperature. Then, keep the washcloth underwater and then soak it. If water is hot for the hands, put on the rubber gloves first.

3. Place the cloth on the visor for three to five minutes to remove dirt or dead insects

Close the visor if it is open with a helmet sitting on a towel near the sink, spread, and hold the sheet at the top corners. Cover the visor using the washcloth by placing it on top of the helmet. Typically, if the towel seems to slip, place one under your chin to lift the helmet a bit. This will remove dead bugs or dried dirt.

4. Put the soap on the microfiber cloth and gently scratch it

Remove the towel that was draped from the visor and then put set it aside. Take the clean microfiber cloth and place it under the water. Add a drop of dish soap and scratch the visor gently. Scratch it from front to back horizontally, covering each section at least two to three times. Keep the visor closed when doing this and do not apply excessive pressure. Any remaining layer of the dead insects or dirt should slide off.

5. Rinse the detergent with a clean cloth

Soak a new cloth in warm water and rub the visor scratches as you would with a microfiber cloth. Then run the clean cloth back and forth on the visor. Continue to clean it until all the bubbles and soaps are gone.

6. Dampen the microfiber cloth and then add a small baby shampoo

Take the clean microfiber cloth and soak it in warm water for two to three seconds. Take a baby shampoo bottle and pour one to two teaspoons on a towel. Rub the cloth to apply the baby shampoo all over the fibers of a fabric.

7. Gently rub the visor inside with the cloth

Place a cloth with baby shampoo and water on the visor. Gently rub the fabric against the visor using gentle strokes. Cover all parts of the visor two to three times to remove dirt or dust. The shape of a visor can make cleaning the corners difficult when attaching it to the helmet. Fortunately, it is crucial to clean the central area. Do not worry about the small residue that has remained near the corner if you cannot reach it.

8. Rinse the helmet visor or clean it with the wet microfiber cloth

If possible, remove the visor, and if you cannot remove it, reach the inside using the clean towel. Typically, if you have removed the visor, rinse it gently with water, and if it has not been removed, place wet clean microfiber cloth. Rub it inside to remove the shampoo. Continue rubbing the fabric and cleaning it up to the time you no longer see shampoo residue or bubbles.

9. Allow the helmet to air dry for two to three hours

Place the visor on a towel next to the sink. Set it so that it is not flat. When the visor is tilted, it will adequately dry. Allow it to air dry for two to three hours. After removing it from a helmet, place it back on the helmet when it is dry. After that, the helmet visor scratches will be clean.


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