How To Make Amazing Travel Videos From Your Bike

The travel industry is undeniably one of the most well-known industries that are making use of aesthetically pleasing and engaging videos to keep their viewers hooked. Have you ever wondered how some of the most attractive and eye-catching videos come into existence? No wonder they get over hundreds and even millions of views on YouTube and other social networks.

If you’re intimidated by all such videos that you’ve come across, it’s safe to say that you can create just as perfect videos without having to put much effort. Here is a complete guide on how you can create professional videos that are no less than perfect to look at. You just need to follow them and try your luck.

Tips to Create Aesthetically-Pleasing Videos

1. Planning Out Your Plot

Before you get to your destination, you should have a rough notion of what you’ll be filming. If this is your first attempt at filming, you should conduct some basic research to ensure that you are adequately prepared. You’ll need to hunt for off-the-beaten-path spots that offer features that aren’t seen in more well-known tourist sites when planning your storyline.

Next, determine what you want to include in your travel video, like working people, religious events, special places or restaurants.

2. Capturing your Clips

You should ideally use a tripod or rest your arm on something to keep it steady while taking the shot. Ensure Holding the camera still for a few seconds after each shot. Continue holding the shot for ten or more seconds for clicking action shots. Two to Three broad opening shots of the sites you’ll be filming are also recommended. Next, to highlight details, take a bunch of close-ups. If the person being photographed is baking or cooking, obtain a close-up view of their palms as well as the utensils and food.

Take a close-up shot of the rearview mirror or perhaps the driver if you’re in a taxi. While you film the video, do not get too close. Further, avoid zooming in. Simply try to get the camera as near to the subject as feasible for your snap. Zoom inside and focus before pressing the record button if you’re filming from afar.

Changing your angles is among the most critical aspects of making a great travel documentary or any other type of video. Shoot from the edge, either down-low or up-high. It is also an excellent idea to converse with others. Interviewing locals will aid you in capturing the essence of your chosen holiday destination.

3. Composing an on-camera intro and outro

Discuss the topics you’ll be covering in your vacation video. This may be unsettling at first, but it will add to the intrigue of your video. You can inform your audience on what they might see by expressing your feelings about it. Be yourself and speak as though you were telling your best buddy about your journey. Until you stay authentic, rest assured that you will create a lively and pleasing video.

4. Describe Your travel video

Narrate your travel story. This is easily the most convenient form of off-camera action to conduct after you’ve arrived at your holiday destination, especially if you are a first-time travel film creator. Subsequently, you’ll be able to tweak your voice snippets live on camera. Your storytelling will function as a map; it will elaborate on the tale you are telling.

It will be simpler to assess the catchphrases and sots you need if you have this recorded first. If you wish to perform this on video, you’ll need to be ready to film the narrative at each place. You can jot down your vacation notes and create a short narrative. Then, practice reciting and pacing your script.

It should just take about three minutes for the filming. Without the voice-over, you’ll need some room in your film; therefore, the narration should be less than the actual runtime. Put a blank video tape into your lens and use the camera microphone or an auxiliary mic to film your script. Take note that you’ll need to take a break during sentences to alter your audio.

5. Final Touches

First thing’s first, get a reputable video editor like InVideo for editing pleasing videos. Video editing software is included with numerous digital video cameras and computers. You can also find low-cost software on the internet. First, add your narration to your timeline. This will assist you in determining which shots you’ll need to tell your story.

Make a timeline with your finest holiday snaps. Pay attention to your narration and demonstrate what you’re saying. To make your travel movie more flavoury, include sound bites from locals. Discover music to use in your video, such as local music or music that evokes the atmosphere of your holiday destination. Re-edit your video. The ten-second rule of filmmaking is great to follow. You should definitely do that.

To Sum Up

A lot of elements go into creating an impressive travel video. It is important that you spend adequate time researching everything that you wish to include in your desired travel video. Do not forget to have fun along your journey. Filming travel videos is a unique and unforgettable experience, and you should consider doing everything to make your journey worthwhile. Additionally, follow the above-mentioned tips to make your video as flawless as possible.