Steel Barricades For Car Shows Shoppers Guide

Barricades are essential for effective crowd control. Whether it is for government, entertainment, or construction purposes, finding good quality and reliable barricades is crucial. Before you buy any barricade, you must analyze your requirements.

This analysis will include factors such as rain or weather compatibility, sturdiness, access point through the barricade, and portability. To tackle all of your doubts concerning the purchase of barricades, we have formulated a comprehensive shopper guide. We recommend choosing CrowdControlCompany for these products, they offer the widest selection with the best warranty.

Here is a detailed review of the steel barricade shopper guide.

Things to keep in mind

Here are the things that you must keep in mind before buying a steel barricade.

Barricade types

This consideration includes feet design and external coating in a metal barricade.

Barricade feet

Feet Type Description
Bridge feet As the name suggests, bridge feet are shaped like a bridge. They are removable, which promotes easy storage. They are fit for use on uneven surfaces such as slight inclines, gravel, and grass. Its elements and nuts are easily accessible.



●       Immense stability due to its wide stance in case of uneven surfaces.

●       It can be easily disassembled with increases in its portability and storage.



●       You will have to assemble it on purchase.



Fixed Feet When it comes to fixed feet metal barricades, you do not have to worry about assembly. The feet are already attached to the barricade, which makes the process easy and quick.



●       No assembly effort required

●       It can be stacked for large quantities


●       Damage to feet will make the entire barricade useless.


Flat Feet These types of feet provide the best results for even flat surfaces. Also, you can be bolted to the ground, which provides better balance and stability.  The nuts and bolts used in them are easily accessible from hardware stores.



●       The ground bolt ensures a permanent fixture

●       Feet can be disassembled, which provides better portability and storage.


●       Not fit for uneven surfaces



External coating

Hot dipped galvanized

These types of barricades are dipped in hot zinc after assembly and construction. The exterior coating creates a rust-proof seal.

These types of barricades are the best fit for outdoor usage. They can survive through harsh climatic conditions as they do not get rusted easily.


In powder coating is used to give metal barricades pigment with added durability. It is better than standard paint since the benefits of it are more profound. Powder-coated barricades are a customized option.

You can use them for special events and get them colored as per your choice. They are durable and can withstand harsh weather for a long duration.


It is a lighter galvanized coating done on barricades before the full assembly. It leaves the joints un-sealed. They are fit for indoor use since they show rusting over a short period of time.

Compatibility of Barricades

You must look into the barricade’s features and compatibility before buying it. Compatibility is determined based on welding and hooks variation, durability, and your need for it.


Before dwelling into the compatibility aspect, here is an insight into the varied features found in barricades.

Welding type

  • Full circumference weld: In it, all the pipes of the barricade are welded at each pipe connection. This ensures that the pipes are tightly sealed to the main structure. Hence these types of barricades are greatly durable.
  • Saddle weld: In this, a pipe is cut and then welded to fit inside the frame. The welds are done precisely. It ensures a secure connection.


  • Interlocking hooks: Hooks are needed for joining one barricade to another. Compatible barricades will interlock with each other easily.

Compatibility of barricades among each other

To find out if your old barricade is compatible with your new barricade, you must analyze their measurement. If your old barricade and new barricade are of the same sizes, they are interlock compatibility.

Barricade Extras

Extras include additional products that improve the compatibility of the barricade. Barricade extras include a storage facility, jacket covers, and swing gate, etc.

  • Barricade Carts: The barricade cart enable easy transportation and storage. Each cart can carry 24 to 30 barricades which saves time.
  • Swinging gates: The gates are the opening within a chain of barricades. You can easily swing them open and closed for easier accessibility to the other side of the barricade. You will enjoy the ease of movement because of it.
  • Barricade Jackets: They have printed frame jackets that are used to cover the barricade. They are made from durable quality material and protect the barricade from extreme weather conditions. You can also get them in a variety of styles, colors, and fonts.


You must check the ways you can use the barricade in your industry. This way, you can ensure that your barricade gives efficient results. The barricade type that is the best fit for you will depend on the event you will be using them for.

For example, if you wish to use them for street fairs or school events, you can get a colored barricade or a jacketed styled one.

For construction zones or traffic flow, you must choose durable barricades that can withstand outdoor conditions. Also, for indoor events, you must purchase fixed foot barricades for better maintenance in enclosed spaces.


We hope that this comprehensive guide answers many of your doubts and questions concerning steel barricades. Barricades have great use and benefits. Better regulation of crowd and public events is not possible without them.

Hence, make sure to buy the best and most reliable barricade you can find. The better the quality of the barricade, the longer it will serve your purpose.

You must focus on the nuances of its features and extras you get along with these barricades. You must also check the reviews of a barricade before purchasing it.

Barricades are considered to be a necessary protection barrier in some cases. Hence, you must never compromise on its quality.