Cars and Bikes Getting Through the MOT Check in the UK

While all vehicles in the UK had to get through an MOT check, even bikes were not spared. The rules for cars and bikes were not the same, but they were all getting through the process and making sure that their vehicles had the correct permissions to be plying on the roads. While both cars … Read more

5 Guidelines to Ensure Road Safety for Cars and Motorcycles in 2021

Road safety is a public health concern. More than one million people have lost their lives because of the traffic injuries and around half a million go through injuries every year. Severe road injuries can cause lifelong disabilities including loss of vision, brain injury and spinal cord injury. Most people don’t realize that a little … Read more

5 Reasons To Give Up Your Phone While Driving

What do you think will help reduce the risk of accidents besides the driving experience? Of course, only strict adherence to the Traffic Rules will reduce the risk of an accident to a minimum. But, unfortunately, even if we are the most law-abiding drivers, we are still not able to insure ourselves against accidents. Do … Read more