5 Guidelines to Ensure Road Safety for Cars and Motorcycles in 2024

Road safety is a public health concern. More than one million people have lost their lives because of the traffic injuries and around half a million go through injuries every year. Severe road injuries can cause lifelong disabilities including loss of vision, brain injury and spinal cord injury. Most people don’t realize that a little carelessness can put your life at risk and others as well. Road injuries can be controlled if only everybody follows the following road safety guidelines:


Ride Vigilantly

Every individual must stay vigilant on the road all the time. A driver must know all the traffic rules, driving guidelines and possess vehicle control skills. Visual impairment can affect the driver’s vigilance. Some people use the visual targeting technique to be attentive. Driving means staying constantly attentive and vigilant of your surroundings as you don’t know what might happen a moment later. 

Always Follow Traffic Rules

Traffic rules are set for a purpose. They are meant to be followed to ensure the safety of every rider and to keep the traffic flow going. Ignorance of traffic rules has increased the number of accidents. Observance of traffic rules ensures everyone’s safety. Car insurance is a requirement almost everywhere to get the driving license. Some people get their vehicle insured while in college to get their license after passing the driving test. For more information visit here.

Never Drink Before Driving   

Always make sure to get a cab or ask your friend to drive you home because drunk driving is certainly not recommended. Alcohol makes the person unconscious. Usually what happens is that people think they are not drunk and are fit for driving. However, they might not be drunk but certainly are not fit for driving as alcohol works as a sedative and affects the central nervous system. It makes one relaxed, and the person would not be as attentive for driving as one should be. 

Keep Safe Braking Distance

Safe braking distance is one practice that has helped a lot in reducing accidents. The logic behind this practice is that it gives you time to analyze the situation when you spot a hazard. When you hit your foot on the brake, the car will cover a certain distance to stop. However, if there would not be enough distance between the two vehicles, collision will occur and you may end up in an accident. Keep it in mind that the surface of the road and vehicle braking system are the factors that determine the brake distance. 

Speed Limit:


The speed limit is designed to ensure the safety of traffic flow. Different roads have different speed limits. For example, the speed limit on highways is always high because of less number of intersections whereas if you’re driving on local roadways then you must keep the speed less because of the more intersections. As per to the road safety guidelines, one should always be in the defensive mode of driving rather than being reckless and aggressive.