Top Base Model ATVs of 2018

The new age brings new technologies and no matter whether you are riding a car or a motorcycle we have got used to a bunch of features we don’t really need. Are we becoming too spoiled as a society? Do we actually need those massage functions in cars and mood lighting, for instance? Some of the features may be useful, but we have forgotten to have fun with the base models. A similar situation is with ATVs, they are not fancy, but such vehicles are fun to drive, and even those come as the entry-level versions we won’t be punished and left without some of the best features. We present you the best base ATVs of 2018.

10. 2018 Yamaha Grizzly 700 EPS

Price: $9,699

The base Grizzly model comes with Electric Power Steering as a standard feature. The reason why you should opt for the Grizzly 700 EPS is its reliability. The colors of the ATV might not be the best in the world, and if you want blue or white instead of graphite paint, you need to pay additional $200. For this sum of money, you will also get aluminum wheels.