Top 10 Adventure Motorcycles of 2018

This year will be interesting for the motorcycle lovers. We cannot wait to see the new adventure bikes which are scheduled for 2018 and the interest in these bikes is huge worldwide. The trends change, and more and more motorcycle fans opt for lightweight models that are fun to ride and which can go well on all kinds of roads. We present you top 10 adventure bikes in 2018.

10. Hero XPulse

The Hero XPulse will replace the Hero Impulse, and this bike debuted at the 2017 EICMA show in Milan in November last year. This motorcycle will use a single-cylinder engine that produces around 20 bhp, which is enough to move the total weight of the bike that is about 140 kg. It will be launched in mid-2018 as both road-oriented variant and an off-road version.