Best Bikes for College Students

Some campuses are spreaded in a large area and students take a lot of time to move inside of it. If you are fresher and you are preparing to go to school, then you will need a bike to make mobility easy while you are on campus.

Those that are old students who want to change their bike will find this article interesting. The editorial staff of My Paper Done deals with students every day and is interested in making their lives easier. Usually, they took assignment writing, but this time they prepared an article that will have you covered on where to be for the best college bike that will make movement easy during the school calendar year. We are sure that two-wheelers are essential for college students.

Getting the best results online will not come easy without an excellent buyer’s guide. Preferences differ; we shall be giving the best for particular preferences that will make your day. The following categories will be covered:

  • Best stylish bike
  • Best for super sports
  • The best-naked bike
  • Best powerful engine
  • Excellent for racing
  • Best comfort bike
  • Excellent suspension bike

We are going to cover the seven categories mentioned above. The best that money can buy in each category for 2024 will be given below. If your preference falls under any of the lists above; you can trust the model we are recommending for excellent delivery on the road. Here we go!

Yamaha R15 V3

If you are looking for style as the attribute in a bike, then you are going to achieve the expected quality through this model. This is very popular among the younger generation of bikers. It has a WA system that gives it supper torque which will give riders an excellent riding experience. You are going to get the benefits of assist and slipper clutch with this bike.

KTM RC 125

If you take it on a sports bike, you are going to achieve the best super sports bike through this model. The reason for this bike is mainly because of the great features that come with it and the fact that it is affordable. It has a sleek design and can generate 15 Bhp power and 12 nm of torque.

The braking performance is another feature that stands out this bike from the midst of the pack. No matter the speed of travel, you can rely on the efficiency of the brakes of this sporting bike.

Yamaha MT 15

This is one of the best pure breed hyper-naked bikes around for now. It has a muscular frame and the entire design of the bike is a beauty to behold. You are going to love the entire design of this model; it is super lightweight that any student that a naked bike will love. You are going to get the best qualities on-demand in a naked bike for students through the particular model. It has a 6-speed gear transmission with great fuel efficiency. This model has single-channel ABS that works seamlessly with the bodyweight of this bike. If you consider this model, you are going to achieve results that will wow you on the road.

KTM Duke 125

Any student that desires a bike with a powerful engine cannot ignore this technology known as KTM Duke 125. It is a trusted two-wheel drive that you can rely on for excellent performance on the road. This beast of a machine will meet all your expectations on the road. It is popularly referred to as baby Duke and is popular because of its attribute of great performance on the road.

The front brake clippers have 4 pistons; an upside-down front fork as well as a trellis frame. Students will love the digital instrument clusters that display tones of info when the bike is in action. You can choose from two dual-tone color options when you go out to place an order.

Apache RTR 200 4V

When you go online in search of the best racing bike for students, you are going to love Apache because of the great attributes that come with its elegant design. The designers of this bike have done serious work on the design and looks of this bike. It has been around for some years and you are sure going to achieve excellent qualities in the design of this model.

This bike has its space curtsy of the sharp looks and the design of the bike. The engine of this bike can produce a super torque that will meet all the expectations of every student. The braking system; fuel capacity and weight of this bike are attributes that set it apart from the midst of the crowded pack.

Avenger 160 Street

Everybody desires the best comfort that money can buy. If you are a student that desired the best comfortable bike in the market; then you cannot ignore the features that come with this elegant design. This bike is comfort personified. The price is pocket-friendly; this is a bike that is ideal for long-distance drives.

Its engine can generate an ideal power and torque that will delight you on the road. There are different colors and variants to choose from according to individual tastes. This is the best comfort bike that you can trust in the market at least for now.

Yamaha FZ 25


For the best suspension bike, we give it to Yamaha FZ 25. The version of oil cooler prevents overheating of the bike while on a long-distance even in the harshest heat of the worst summer. If you desire the best bike in times like this; then you can for this companion for students. If you want to travel around the town, this bike with low-end torque and a refined smooth engine will give you something to cheer. The engine is free from vibration and operates with a low noise level even at a top speed of 100km/h.

Final thoughts

The seven brands above answer the question bothering people who are struggling with choosing the best bikes for students at the moment. You are going to achieve results that will wow you if you invest in any of the bikes above.