What To Consider While Buying Speakers for Your Bike?

There is no better feeling than riding your motorcycle while listening to your favorite playlist. And good motorcycle speakers can bring in the best riding experience ever. However, motorcycle speakers are not typically like car speakers. Firstly, because they are different in size, and secondly, motorcycle speakers have to be water-resistant and handle higher vibrations than car speakers. Also, the battery of a motorcycle is not strong enough to drive with a car radio system of a bigger size. Therefore, bike speakers have several requirements and regulations on them.

This article will tell you more about motorcycle speakers and what to consider while buying speakers for your bike. Read on.

How Motorcycle Speakers and Car Speakers Are Different?


If we try to compare car speakers and motorcycle speakers, there are huge differences between both. Therefore, if you think you can use your car speakers and motorcycle speakers interchangeably, you are wrong. Though you can use some bike speakers in your car, the same cannot be said for car speakers as they are massive as motorcycle speakers.

Here Are Some Major Differences Between Both:

Size: Size is probably the most noticeable difference between a bike speaker and a car speaker. Bike speakers are relatively small and can easily be fitted through the handlebars of a bike. Car speakers, on the other hand, are more extensive with the requirement of larger amps. And car speakers also have to be permanently installed in your car.

Waterproofing: Whether it’s a nice sunny day or absolutely raining down outside, bike speakers work relentlessly. Car speakers are made to stay and work inside the car, and too much sun or rain can damage them. Additionally, car speakers are much more sensitive than bike speakers. Moisture also can damage your car speakers. Bike speakers are sturdy and designed specifically for motorcycles, and they’re waterproof.

Volume Level: Car speakers can become easily loud as they have enough volume. Motorcycle speakers can never be as loud as car speakers. However, they are small in size, and they offer marginal volume when played alone.

Power Consumption: If you buy motorcycle speakers not perpetually powered by the motorcycle’s battery, they can be used for a few hours with minimal power of lithium batteries. Car speakers, on the other hand, need a consistent power supply. Powerful car speakers can drain a car’s battery when the engine is off.

Connectivity: While buying motorcycle speakers, one factor you need to consider is its Bluetooth connectivity. If you want to listen to FM radio channels and music from different applications, your motorcycle speakers must have the feature of Bluetooth connectivity. Using Bluetooth in your motorcycle speaker is easy. You just need to connect your smartphone to the speakers via Bluetooth, and you can hear everything from your smartphone. Bluetooth connectivity also offers GPS navigation.

What Are the Benefits of Motorcycle Speakers?


They Make Your Trips Enjoyable: If we were tired of listening to the sound of your motorcycle’s engine, you could change that with high-quality motorcycle speakers. We understand that during a ride, you sometimes need silence. But when you go far, high-end speakers make your trip more enjoyable as you can share your playlist with the world.

They Bring the Ease of Navigation: Apart from listening to music, you can also take advantage of the connectivity options offered by high-end motorcycle speakers. You just need to connect your smartphone with the system, and you can get the directions without stopping at places and asking strangers. Additionally, you don’t need to keep looking down at your smartphone to check directions.

They Are Great Outdoor Entertainment: When you upgrade your motorcycle’s sound system, you have a portable audio system that can entertain you anywhere you like. Whether you are riding or standing somewhere while watching the sunset, the speakers can keep you entertained.

They Increase Your Motorcycle’s Resale Value: Installing a sound system on your motorcycle is a significant investment. Therefore, it increases the value of your bike. If you want to sell your motorcycle shortly, the sound system becomes a good reason to get more money from the buyer. Some buyers specifically look for an upgraded motorcycle. And they willingly spend more money when they find them.

You Could Become Part of Motorcycle Shows: If you always wanted to participate in motorcycle shows, high-quality speakers can score extra points since they attract the judges’ eyes. Though the speakers do not guarantee that you will bring the top prize home, they definitely spot you above other contestants.

What To Consider While Buying Motorcycle Speakers?


There are a few key features that you must consider while buying your motorcycle speakers, including:

Speaker Type: There are generally 2 types of motorcycle speakers, including handlebar speakers and helmet motorcycle speakers. It is essential to decide which type you want to buy as per your preferences. Your choice might depend upon the level of comfort and safety you want while riding. Handlebar speakers a louder with great functionalities. On the other hand, helmet speakers are easy to use and offer hands-free communication.

Power: The power of your speakers also matters. The higher is the speaker’s wattage, the louder is the sound. If you want to ride around the neighborhood, you might want to choose speakers with low sound. But if you’re going to drive to various countries, go for high-wattage speakers.

Design: Remember that your ride goes through various climate changes. Therefore, your speakers must be waterproof. It is always important to confirm that the unit you are buying is water-resistant. Because if they’re not, your speakers might get damaged by snow, ice, and rain. A good quality speaker will always be durable and will stay protected against different weather elements.

Input Sources: Your motorcycle’s audio does not play music on its own. But if it has an FM radio, it can. It’s always a good idea to look into the input options available. Some speakers allow Bluetooth connectivity and USB drive. Make sure you buy a system of your choice that will enable you to play music from your favorite devices.


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