Why You Should Consider an Electric Motorcycle?

Are you thinking about switching from car to bike? Or maybe you are looking to buy a new bike? There’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t try out an electric one. We would like to provide you with a couple of reasons why you should consider buying one of these.

These are eco-friendly, electrically powered two-wheelers will make a pretty good option if you ask us. In case you are interested in learning more about them, you should read more and inform yourself about the concept. Now, we would like to talk about a couple of pros and cons of e-motors. Without further ado, let’s get started.

The Best Choice for City Riding


When you have an electric motorcycle at your side, you can forget about wasting your precious time in jams for good. Navigating crowded city streets is much easier and simpler on two wheels than in a bulky car. Bikes are very easy to handle because of their lightweight structure. Especially in case you have an e-motor, as there is no shifting, stalling, and other inconveniences that can occur with traditional motorbike engines.

Also, you don’t have to worry about engine overheating or be careful about the hot exhaust pipe. Another significant perk of e-bikes is parking. Whether you are trying to find a parking spot in a city center or a suburban area, there is always room for a vehicle as compact as e-motors are.

Many cities already have areas designated only for bike parking where you can find a vacant spot carefree. Just imagine whizzing by a row of cars packed bumper to bumper at the traffic light, or finding an available, affordable parking spot in the city center with the utmost ease.

Easy on the Budget


When considering the purchase of the e-bike, the first drawback is its price. Still, this is also the only significant expenditure you’ll have. From that point on, everything is much cheaper and lighter on the budget. There are no more fuel costs, no changing of oil, spark plugs, filters, and so on.

Yes, you will save quite a lot in maintenance costs with an electric bike. In addition to this, many countries are introducing inducements programs for switching onto the cleaner mode of transportation. Generally, it includes an easier or reduced payment plan, fewer additional fees, and tax breaks.

Some governments are also launching targeted support programs that could include loans, subsidies, and other financial incentives. In the long run, especially with the development of new technologies, you will find that the overall expenditure you’ll have for an e-bike is considerably lower than for its gas-powered counterpart.

Thinking About the Environment


It goes without saying that an electrically powered engine is scientifically proven to reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere. In this day and age, there is a noticeable effort to transfer onto “greener” models of transportation. So, e-bike looks like the way to do it affordably and on a large scale. If you are conscious of your carbon footprint, then this vehicle is the best choice for you.

It doesn’t consume non-renewable fuel, and there are no exhaust fumes that are toxic and dangerous for human health. In that aspect, it is perfectly safe. One of the most important advantages when thinking about the environment is the substantial reduction in noise pollution, especially in cities. These bikes are quiet and you can rest assured that no one will complain about the nose you make ever again.

On the other hand, there is still the question of the batteries these two-wheelers are powered by. They also utilize some finite resources, such as lithium. Also, they are pretty difficult to recycle and the technology for recycling batteries is still developing. But there are ways to counter these drawbacks, for instance, using rechargeable batteries and solar or wind-powered energy sources.

Power and Speed

We have already mentioned that these vehicles are quiet, which some motorcycle fans can find off-putting. There is no road of the engine coming to life or zipping down the street, but then again, have you tried talking to someone with a gas-powered bike running? With an e-bike, you won’t need an ear shield, which means, for example, that you can enjoy listening to music while riding. And if you like the specific sound, some manufacturers are adding false noise.

It also serves to warn other participants in traffic that you are around them. Being this noiseless, it may surprise you just how powerful such an engine can be. One of the top performances it has is 100% instant torque, a feature regular petrol-fueled bike doesn’t have. It gives you rapid and instant acceleration. On the downside, the accelerator is linear, which detracts somewhat from the thrill some riders like to have.

Simple and Easy to Maintain

For all of you who don’t like getting your hands dirty with smaller parts, an e-bike is a way to go. As we said above, the cost of maintenance is significantly lower than with a traditional one. The reason for this is that there are fewer parts in the electric engine that can break from time to time, unlike a complex combustion engine.

First, there are no fluids like oil and fuel. So, you will be prone to messing yourself as a result of contracting with these parts. If something does break, it is quite simple to find the location of the problem. But you will mostly work with brake pads, tires, and footbrake hydraulic liquid.

In Conclusion

Choosing an electric motorbike has some really strong advantages over the traditional one. If you wish to avoid endless traffic jams, find a parking place easily, and save more money in the long run, it is easy to decide on this vehicle.

Protecting the environment is always a plus, and also, fossil fuels are likely to be banned in some countries in the following years. And as the technology is getting better and better every day. We will certainly see many improvements for e-bikes in the near future. We hope you will find this article of ours useful.