Dirtbike Graphics; Finding What Works For You

Hardly will you ever come across a plain dirt bike; at best, they are few and far between. With many bikes around, graphics make yours stand out while hinting at your personality. You get to choose colours, sponsor logos and numbers from a wide selection and give life to your bike. Besides, they protect your bike’s surface from the weather’s elements.


Why You Need Graphics

• Shows Your Commitment-The type of graphics you choose for your bike is a powerful endearment tool to your supporters.

• Enhances Your Visibility-Unique graphics means you can easily be spotted from other bikers and your fans can cheer you on easily.

• Easily Revamp Old bikes-Quality graphics can transform old bikes to look new again and further protect your bike’s plastics for a longer time.

• Earn From Sponsorship-Companies are always looking out for stellar riders to sponsor them in return or free advertising on their bikes, making graphics an additional income earner for riders

• Offer Protection-Graphics provide a covering for your bike’s exterior, delaying wear and tear.

Choosing the Right Graphics

Whether you own an old dirtbike or have a brand new one, you can’t downplay the role of dirtbike graphics and even though there is a wide range of options, selecting what to use on your bike can get challenging. Here are a few considerations to help you choose meaningful graphics:

Personal Preferences

Everything boils down to what you find appealing and appropriate. You don’t want to ride with graphics that make you feel uninspired. Neither do you want to send the wrong message to your fans. If you have unique ideas for your dirtbike graphics, you place orders to have them customized. Find reputable dealers to provide you with special accessories like MX stickers to help you stand out. For more ideas and cool graphics, visit www.decallab.eu.

Your Riding Frequency and Intensity

How long your graphics last is determined by how frequently you ride, the conditions in which you ride, and your riding style. Heavy abrasion and constant contact with mud and water require using quality and properly adhering stickers, preferably around 500 microns in thickness. Although new graphics are great, you wouldn’t like to replace them every fortnight. It beats the purpose and is bad for your finances. Rough riding bikers should go for heavy-duty apparel to ensure longevity and save money.


Your Bike Model

Graphics companies have tailor-made solutions to ensure your graphics match with your bike model. Using graphics meant for different models can pose challenges like alignment problems and mismatches. If you want to feature a brand like MX graphics, remember to ask for graphics made specifically for your bike model. If you have an old-model, confirm graphic compatibility before purchase.

Check Client Reviews

Every firm worth its salt places great importance on client reviews. Going through customer reviews will help you gauge a product’s quality and establish faults and shortcomings to make an informed purchase. Angry, unsatisfied clients are a red flag to help protect your hard-earned cash.

Making Your Bike’s Graphics Last Longer

Good quality graphics are not cheap and it only makes sense to find ways of making them last longer. How long the graphics on your dirt bike last varies based on various factors, including:


Many bikers swear by MX stickers, for an ability to handle pretty much everything thrown at them. Quality stickers may cost more than ordinary stickers but will serve you for much longer.

Storage Conditions

Where you store your bike could make all the difference. Bikes should be protected from the weather when not in use. Parking your bike for long periods under the hot sun is not just harsh on your plastics, but on your stickers as well.


The way you apply your stickers on your bike’s surface is important. Ensure there are no air bubbles as you stick your graphics on your bike. Bubbles create a weak point and will make your stickers peel off quickly. Properly applied stickers will align perfectly with your bike’s body ensuring that the edges are not exposed, and therefore not easy to peel.

Riding Terrain

Riding your bike through rough terrain like woodlands, shrub and thorny vegetation exposes your bike’s graphics to abrasion and pricks. Constant abrasion will wear off even the highest quality stickers within a short period.

Steps to add Durability to Your Graphics

Your bike’s graphics will eventually wear off, no matter what steps you take. However, You can make the provisions below to ensure they serve you for a longer period.

Clean your bike’s surface regularly

Although not easily visible, the surface of your bike attracts dirt and leaving it on the surface for long durations is terrible for your graphics. It accelerates the fading process and is generally gross, so don’t spare it. Use a mild detergent with your water and a soft sponge to ensure that you don’t accidentally scratch your stickers.

Dry the exterior well after cleaning


Once you clean your bike, ensure the surface is totally dry and free from moisture. Use a clean, dry, absorbent piece of cloth to dry off any remaining water drops and clear water streaks. Moisture on your graphic’s surface can soften them and make them prone to cracks, which will be the first points of tears.

Protect from harsh weather

Your bike needs safe storage space, away from the elements. Hot spells are bad for your bike’s surface, including the graphics. High temperatures cause expansion of the materials on your bike, which creates weak spots and makes them fade and lose shape quickly. Exposure to extreme cold and harsh elements like wind, rain and snow should also be avoided to protect not just your graphics, but your bike as well.

Apply grip tape on corners and edges

You can apply grip tape on edges and corners where peeling is likely to start and replace it as often as required. The tape will not only protect your graphics but will also add a shiny appeal to them.
Dirt bikes add much fun and sparkle to a biker’s life and the graphics are on your bike are much like icing on the cake; they make your riding experience worth it. These tips will help you get the best out of your graphics and the most fun out of riding.