5 Reasons Hot Rod is Worth Having & Why It’s Not

Ask any car enthusiast, and they’ll tell you owning a classic car is work, but still love it. Some love to customize their classic cars to a hot rod, while others are against the idea.

The argument among car enthusiasts is never to turn a vehicle into a hot rod. They argue doing so will affect the selling price of your car.

Therefore, if you plan to purchase a vehicle, check whether a classic car is what you prefer or hot rod. Know the side you belong to without the pressure from enthusiasts of both sides.

Hot rod enthusiasts will defend the customization idea as a way to have fun and explore their creativity. On the other side of classic car enthusiasts, they see it vital to preserve the vehicle’s original history.

However, whichever side you belong to, you must weigh the advantages and disadvantages of the decision you make.

Advantages of Choosing Hot Rod


If you love art and like to demonstrate your skills by modifying things to fit your idea, then the hot rod is where you belong. A classic car is different from modern models. You will agree customizing a classic car to meet your preferred design takes creativity to achieve that.

The hot rod modification deals with both the interior and exterior part until the two blends. The creation process may alter the original design until it meets the owner choice of preference. Such creativity requires special tools. Hot rod enthusiasts can go to Plum hot rod shop for professional classic car restorations.

Sometimes different car parts are fused to construct an out of the box idea. Hot rod touches from the engine, tire rims, body-color, lights, and more to give the car a different look.


Hot rod enthusiasts are defying the design of classic cars and making them have a modern touch. In yesteryears, engine like V8 were given more attention and were the envy of the time. Nowadays, through technological advancement, there are more powerful engines than V8.

For instance, it’s easier to modify a classic car by using a turbocharger. You turn it into a modern and powerful vehicle that is highly powered plus fast than the original make.


Fun and Appealing

Turning a classic car into a hot rod is fun, especially the painting part. In fact, the most conspicuous part about the hot rod has a shouting colors creatively designed. Experts will tell other car parts matter less, but the exterior color’s slight mistake can make or break the entire look.

If you love to express more through colors to enhance your classic vehicle, then hot rod can give you exactly that. A well-painted car can make you fall in love with a hot rod. They compel you not only to enjoy the look but ride in them.

Classic cars may look great in their original state, but hot-rod turns them into a more fun, friendlier and flowery.


The only money you use on the hot rod is used to improve the classic vehicle’s condition. This means the amount to improve the work is less compared to the classic car restoration process.

Maintenance of classic car to its state is costly, time-consuming, tiresome, and sometimes not practical. You may waste time moving from one manufacturer to another in search of original parts without luck. Additionally, the cost of car parts is very high due to their demand. So, the hot rod is less expensive, and you can condition your vehicle without stressing over car parts.


The majority of classic cars are not designed to give you comfort. If you use the car to cover short distance comfort may not worry you that much. But for long-distance travel ergonomic plays a significant role in any occupant. Hot rod brings modern touch by adding comfort to the interior.

Hot rod improves the entire interior design to give you comfort. So, while on the inside, it makes no difference with modern models.

Disadvantages of Choosing Hot Rod

Here are the cons not to change classic cars to hot rod.

Display of Knowledge

You will know real hot rod car enthusiasts by interacting with them. Classical car modification is not a forced idea but a hobby they love practicing now and then. If you find a not mechanically knowledgeable person who hires professionals to fix cars, then the whole experience is no longer fun.

Hot rod enthusiasts know about A to Z of classic cars including every part they modify. It is a lifestyle they love.

Expensive and Loss of Value


While hot rod vehicles look good and shiny on the road, you need to factor maintenance cost. The other downside is when you plan to sell the value is low compared to the original car. You’ll struggle to sell it because the car is modified to meet your preferred tastes. Not many people will accept to purchase a modified car, but it’s easy for classic one regardless of the condition.

History Preservation

Hot rod enthusiasts view classic car owners as people focused on preserving history rather than enjoying their ride. Both modifying cars and preserving the originality is a hobby. And whether you choose to bring a modern touch or maintain the original glory, it’s about personality focus.


Classic cars pollute the environment. Going the classic way or the hot rod way may not change a thing since they are not entirely designed to function like modern vehicles. The car was built many years back when emissions were not an issue. But things have changed and probably it’s time to reconsider your stand.

Waste of Time


Most hot rod enthusiasts say their love for modifying cars is a hobby. While hobby is something you do when you get free time. If you are not careful, you can waste your precious time modifying something you’ll rarely enjoy.

Hot rod projects take time to complete and even after that it becomes constant life of customizing this and that. Some end up not enjoying the process and view it as a stressful occupation. Before you join a hot rod family, these are some of the aspects you need to consider.


If you are yet to hop over the hot rod or classic car enthusiasts, first check whether it’s worth it. The pros and cons above dives deep to help you understand both worlds. The rest is your choice to see which size fits you. Both are great hobbies, but do it if you get joy from either of the two.