7 Tips on How To Get Top Dollar for a Wrecked Vehicle

You crashed your car. And now you don’t know how to sell your damaged or totally wrecked vehicle. It’s less complicated than you think. And much more often than you think. In the USA alone, according to official data, there will be over five million traffic accidents. And imagine how huge that number would be if we make statistics for the whole world. Of course, most of these accidents end with little or no vehicle damage. But a large number are also so destroyed that it is not worth repairing it. Yet even then, it has value. Most people will think that the only way to make at least some money on an unusable and destroyed car is to sell it on a junkyard. If you need the towing services, you can seek the help from companies such as sheengroup.com.au.

But there are better options. Many individuals and companies are dealing with the purchase of destroyed vehicles. And that is where the solution to your car lies, which is now just waste in your backyard.


Today we will tell you tips on how to get as much money as possible.

1. Avoid your or any other insurance company

Most likely, the insurance company will offer to buy the car from you immediately after the accident. This may seem like the easiest option for you because you are under stress due to everything that happened, and it does not occur to you that you can get much more money than they offer you. Insurance companies know how the prices of damaged or destroyed vehicles move, so they will buy cheap from you and then make money when they sell them. So, don’t think that your car has no value when it is “total loss”. Always sell a wrecked vehicle yourself if you want to get a top dollar.

2. Assess the condition

Once you have turned down the insurance company and decided to sell the car yourself, you need to determine the exact condition of the vehicle after the accident. The first thing that matters is how much it was worth before the collision and what year of production is. This will affect the value of potential spare parts that someone can use. If it is a new and expensive model, you will find a buyer very easily. Someone who sells spare parts will surely be interested and will pay a good , realistic price. Before you make any decision, first research the internet and try to find the same car model that is in a similar condition as yours. Also, find an expert who will also give an assessment. It is important that it is someone reliable. He will find out if there may be more damage that is not visible, or he may tell you that the car is actually in better condition than it looks. All of this will help you make more money once you sell it.

3. Work with a reputable company

There are many scams in every business, so this is the case here as well. There are many individuals as well as scrap yards and junkyards who will try in various ways to deceive you, especially if they see that you know little about cars. So to get the top dollar for your wreck car, work just with a reputable wrecked car buyer like sellthecarusa.com.

4. Make some repairs


This tip may sound weird because these are very damaged cars we are talking about, but you should still consider making some repairs. Of course, we do not mean that you should fix large damages, but some very small ones. That way you will be able to increase the price you are asking for.

5. Make sure you have all the paperwork needed

Make an effort to gather all the necessary documentation, because in that way you will be able to earn more because you are selling legally. If you are short of paperwork, the buyer will certainly try to lower the price, suggesting that the lack of necessary documents will cause him a problem. So don’t be lazy, take your time and collect all the necessary paperwork. It will pay off.

6. Compare offers and costs

Do not sell the car to the first company you contact, even if the offer seems satisfactory. Search the internet and call at least five companies and then compare their offers and prices. The price at which you will sell a car is not the only thing to consider. Talk to them and find out if they will come and take the wrecked car or you have to rent a truck or tow vehicle. If you have to rent a truck or tow vehicle, then a huge influence on your decision will have how far they are from you. If they are far away, it will not be profitable for you, even if they offer a good price. But the cost of renting trucks and fuel will be too expensive. So the best choice is to first contact buyers in your area.


7. Consider selling the most valuable parts one at a time

As the title of this paragraph says, consider the option of selling the most valuable parts one at a time. You can certainly sell an entire wrecked car at once, but there are parts that you can sell individually and thus earn even more. Here we primarily mean electronic parts. If they survived the crash, you could earn more if you sell them one by one. This includes music systems, dash cams, GPS devices. Then jump starters, various systems like tire pressure monitoring systems and everything else that was added to your vehicle. Tires can also have added value, if they are whole. Especially if they are some custom made or from one of the best manufacturers. The same goes for rims.

If, unfortunately, you crashed old-timer or a car of similar value, then be sure to sell it piece by piece. Collectors are always willing to pay more if you have something they need.


Whatever you sell, you will get the most money if you are patient and do everything yourself. You will lose the most if a middleman is involved, so the best choice is to sell directly to the buyer.