What Does Car Window Tinting Do for My Vehicle?

In today’s climate change, a lot of countries are experiencing too much heat from the sun.

For instance in Brisbane Australia, during summer it ranges from 29°C to 84°F and imagine yourself driving with the said temperature. Thus, this is where window tinting comes in. There are a lot of reasons why your car’s window needs tint and most of these are functional that you might not know about. Thus, if you are interested to know more, then just keep on reading.

Benefits of Tinting A Car Windows


Window tint provides multiple benefits not just for your car exterior and interior but it also protects you. So, if you’re undecided about the worth that window tinting gives, then check out the list of benefits below.

  1. Your car will be cooler and more comfortable all year round. Since window tint blocks the harmful UV rays from the sun, then you can minimize the heat that comes to your vehicle.
  2. Health benefits, because of the protection and the shield that window tint gives, you will less likely to get sunburnt. These can prevent you from getting any skin related problems.
  3. The interior of your car is protected from the UV rays. This can save you more money, since it will be well-maintained and you will less likely to change its interior for a long period of usage.
  4. The protection that window tint gives is not just for you and your interior. Instead the personal items inside your car are also protected from the heat of the sun.
  5. Save money on petrol by using less air conditioning. Since the heat is blocked from the outside, you will have a cooler temperature inside the car.

No matter what type of car you have, whether it is the latest or the old cars, you still need to have better window tint that allows you to have the extra protection that you deserve.

How to Choose the Best Car Window tint film


When you tint a car, it is very important to make sure to choose the right film to use. In Choosing the best quality, you should not only look for cheap car tinting instead you have to look for quality film and car window tinting service from your preferred detailer. Thus, in this car window tinting review, we will give you the top 3 best car window tints that are commonly used and approved by many detailers around. So without further ado, let start with the list!

1.   Suntek film

From the top 4 detailer shops that this article reviewed, this is the product that is commonly used. Suntek film offers technologically advanced window tint that improves maximum protection with a look that can make your vehicle more appealing. Also, this tint does not just compromise the formula it uses but it also gives you or your preferred detailers an ease in installation. It comes with a micro-thin layer of suntek that controls the sun rays without blocking the natural light that comes to your vehicle. In addition, this film is long lasting and scratch resistant that protects you and your interior from any damage, danger and accidents.

2.   Lexen film

Among all the products in this list, lexen is the highly reputable window tint film manufacturer that is known to have superior quality and effective products . In addition, Lexen has been in  the industry for years now that makes them become one of the trusted products. It’s film comes with 2ply chips dyed in polyester. It forms a thick tint that is scratch-free and protects and shields your interior from UV rays. Also, it also guards you from any skin related problem caused by UV rays.  On the other hand, to get excellent heat rejection and greater color stability for enhanced durability and protects car interior from fading, Lexen uses particle film technology to their film.

3.   ProTint

This product is another best rated window tint in the market. For starters, It’s tint is available in a range of 5%, 20%, 30%, 35%, 45% and 50% vlt. Regardless of the vlt that you choose, Protint prevents up to 99% of UV penetration that protects your car’s interior from fading. Thus, this makes it one of the best window tint in the market. Moreover, the products reduce solar energy penetration which leads to a more cooler interior. Because of this, the fuel consumption reduces while turning on the air condition during hot weather. On the other hand, when it comes to its size it comes with a long roll that enables you to fit multiple windows. Thus, it gives you the best for your money since it comes with a roll.

Car Window Tinting Prices


Since you already know the best window tint to use, then let’s head over in finding the best car window tinting service. After thorough research and reviews, we narrow down the top shop that offers the best car window tint service you can choose from.  This list is based on the different shop prices, durability, quality and more. So, If you are from Brisbane and  planning to bring your car to a detailers shop, then this article will be very helpful to you.

Preferred Car Care

The first shop on our list is the Preferred Car Care. They are the auto appearance experts based in Brisbane, Australia. For their car window tinting service, they use Johnson Marathon Carbon Film that offers 99% UV Blockout, 60% heat reduction, cuts glare 92% and a lifetime warranty. The prices depend on the package and all shades and other films are available for request. So, it is much more expensive compared to the other shops in this list.

Ceramic Protection

Similarly with the first shop, ceramicprotection.com.au is a car paint protection experts partner with Timeless Group. They are one of the leading shops in the area with over many years of automotive refinement service. For their Car Window tinting, they use suntek film that comes with 5 levels of tints ranging from 5%, 20%, 35% to 50%. Each of these tints improve the look and the performance of your window glass. They have a lot of affordable packages but for their window tint it only ranges from 300-400 dollars.

Westside Window Tinting

Similarly with Ceramic Protection, Westside Window Tinting uses Suntek film. However, they only have 3 tint available, the Darkest legal 35%, Illegal 20% and Illegal 5%.  Furthermore, They have 5 packages for window tinting, the SUNTEK CXP T35-T18-T5, SUNTEK CARBON T35-T20-T5, 3M Black T35-T20-T5, 3M FX HP T35-T20-T5 and CARBON CLEAR T55.

Q Tint

Another shop in our list is Q Tint. This shop does not only offer car window tinting but also they do home window tinting for both home and commercial usage. For their car window tinting service, they offer three different packages, the Oxide, Fusion and rayno Phantom S9 and each of these films comes with a lifetime warranty. The prices of each of these packages range from 400 – 500 dollars.

Is Window Tinting Worth it?


Now that’s a wrap, you’ve just known what are the products and prices of window tinting that you might consider buying. Through the benefits that window tinting provides, it is indeed worth it to invest. But before you do that make sure to study more about the prices and product use like what you’ve just learned from this article. Do you know any information we haven’t included in this list? We would love to hear your recommendations and feedback about new phones for this year.