10 Tricks That Will Make Your Bike Go Faster – 2024 Guide

There is not a simple way to make your motorcycle faster without spending some cash. There are however some small tricks that can help you make your machine faster without investing a lot of money. These ways are tested and are sure to improve the performance of your motorcycles. It will not be a dramatic power boost, but the right combo of these little tricks can potentially transform your bike.

10. Swapping Your Exhaust


If you wish to gain the best performance out of your bike, perhaps the first thing you should do is to upgrade your exhaust. The full system needs to be changed, from the  If you wish to gain the best performance out of your bike, perhaps the first thing you should do is to upgrade your exhaust. Just check out goblackops.com.au to get the best one. The full system needs to be changed, from the muffler to the headers. Also, the transaction should be changed as well, because of the new exhaust system that helps your go motorcycle faster. The increase in performance comes because of the reduced weight of the new aftermarket exhaust system. The exhaust also helps the engine with expelling the gases faster and more efficiently. When the engine is breathing better, it also performs better. This will make your bike sound awesome too.

9. Suspension Adjustments


Depending on your ride, you may have access to a fully adjustable suspension. You could also be stuck with natural springs with selectable preload, but there is a lot you can do here as well. The suspension matters a lot, as your bike must respond well to your weight and body commands. If it does not, you will leak speed. To make the suspension behave the best it can adjust it to your body. Investing in a new suspension setup is also an option. Countless outlets offer great parts, and you can always save money by getting the front end from a crashed bike. Stay safe and ask professionals for help if you are not sure about something.

8. Play with the Gearing


Messing with the gearing could change how your motorcycle behaves. It is a relatively easy, quick and effective way to add some speed and improve acceleration. You have two sprockets on your motorcycle. Adding or subtracting teeth to them can make much difference. The Internet is filled with resources on the benefits of different combinations for certain bikes. Make sure to thoroughly research everything before diving into it. In addition, if you swap the stock sprockets for lighter aftermarket ones, your bike will appreciate it. The reduced weight here will help with acceleration.

7. Lighter Parts


This should go without saying. Race technician often states how the best way to improve performance is to remove as much weight as possible, as it is the simplest and most effective way to make the bike faster. This can be pricey, however, as lighter parts that are also durable and strong are made of expensive materials. Of course, it does not mean that everything should be carbon fiber. Several keys may potentially make a big difference. The most important weight to reduce is the unsprung weight, which means everything below the springs of the suspension, meaning fork legs, brake calipers, brake discs, hubs, rims, swing arm, linkages, and the tires. These can all be swapped for lighter components, which is not cheap or easy. You should instead focus on the wheels, and change them for forged aluminum, forged magnesium, cast magnesium, or carbon fiber.

6. Appropriate Tires


An old myth about racing tires making you faster simply is not true. A new set of tires will, however, make you somewhat faster. Worn down and barely legal tires are dangerous, and they limit your performance. Make sure to research as well, and learn about the brands best suited for our bike. Check every detail to ensure that you picked the perfect set of tires for your machine.

5. Upgrade Your Brakes


Although the brakes make you go slower instead of faster, you can not go fast without the ability to slow down comfortably. Braking is more important than accelerating. Having a set of brakes that you trust means you will feel more comfortable pushing your motorcycle and yourself to greater speeds. First of all, get new brake pads and upgrade to steel braided lines. Furthermore, new discs and calipers that are light and strong are the way to go. There are various manufacturers to choose from, and remember never to save money on the brakes.

4. The Alter Ego Impulse Drum Charger


The Impulse Drum Charger from the Italian company Alter Ego is a small cylinder that acts as a superficial turbocharger. It harnesses exhaust gasses for better use, pressurizing the air intake, which feeds force to your bike. It is technically a turbocharger although simpler and not as powerful. It is capable of creating a power boost of up to 20%. It is rather easily adaptable to any motorcycle. The price is not yet familiar, but they are being made commercially available. It is perhaps the easiest way to actually getting a clean speed increase.

3. Investing In a Speed Focused Motorcycle


We do not mean for you to just go and buy a newer, faster, motorcycle. However, even if you do all of the things from the list, you will probably not test your bike as much as possible in fear of crashing it and vesting a small fortune. Therefore, a scrappy 125 or an older 500 or 600 that you can ride more aggressively and build up your confidence is the way to go. Then you can easily go back to your pride and joy. Here, it is best to go with a smaller spare track-focused bike and refine your technique without exposing yourself to more speed than you can handle.

2. Superbike School


The most important ingredient when working on your motorcycle being faster is working on yourself. What makes the best stay the best is studying the craft. Learn what gear to be in and when, how much throttle to give and why to do it, and know how to brake and how hard. All of this, and more, you can learn at the superbike schools and road-oriented advanced riding schools too. For the sole purpose of going faster, you will benefit the most from track schools dedicated to real racing. They could be expensive but are well worth it. Once there, you can learn about entering and exiting corners correctly, mastering the throttle, positioning yourself, and much more.

1. Train Your Body


Training your mind and becoming a better rider great, but if you are out of shape, forget about going fast. You must have noticed that many of the items on the list have to do to lower the overall weight of the bike. Other than getting your bike into shape, you also need to hit the gym to get in shape yourself. Losing weight helps you go faster, but it is not the main issue. Being fit will make riding easier and faster. Your body also needs to be capable of high performance, as well as the motorcycle. A strong core, legs, back, and shoulders are key to maneuvering. Odd positions are common when riding, so a flexible body with a wide range of motion goes a long way. Endurance and stamina are also crucial.