These 12 Motorcycles Are Shameless Clones of Popular Bikes – 2024 Overview

Motorcycles are symbols of masculinity. Many men opt for a bike to make commuting more convenient, while others are real motorheads, living their lives as bikers. Ladies also seem to like a man who owns and loves motorcycles. To amateurs, most two-wheelers may look the same. There are however many different brands and models to choose from. A great deal of them, on the other hand, are easy to distinguish at being fake. What this means is that there are models which are obvious copies of famous bikes. Let us look at a list of 12 examples of some “great” plagiarism in the world of motorcycles. The resemblance of some of them will blow you away.

12. JONWAY YY250 – BMW 650 CS

The German brand could have done a better job with this one. Many bikers do not seem to like the bike. Although it was not a commercial success, Jonway wanted to clone it. The BMW has a 652 cc engine producing 50 brake horsepower and 62 Nm, while the Jonway has a 250 cc engine capable of only 16 brake horsepower. The “CS” in the name means “city/street.” BMW produced their bike from 2001 to 2005, and it was a good choice for urban commuters.