Best Motorcycle Ground Anchors 2024 – Ultimate Reviews

Motorcycles always represented some kind of lifestyle. Try to remember how many times have you seen a protagonist in a movie that has one of these and how cool it made him. When we were kids, we always wanted to have one of these in our garage. However, there is one element that lacks with motorcycles when you compare it to other parts of the vehicles. We are talking about security. It is not possible to secure your motorcycle by connecting it to something that can’t be moved. Especially when it is located at your garage or while you are on work.

This ultimately led to the rise of ground anchor’s popularity and production. Now you can select from literally countless of them on the market. They are pretty effective against people who are into taking someone else’s bike for a ride without permission. In order for them to be as protective as they can, they need to be placed into the concrete. You need to make sure that you have concrete in your garage. If that’s the case, this just might be the right approach for you to preserve your motorcycle from unannounced guests.

This is the reason we’ve decided to come up with a list of the best motorcycle ground anchors. You need to have in mind that this is not a ranking and that we just included ones that are considered to be of the highest quality. Without further ado, let us begin.

Top Picks

1. Kryptonite Stronghold

Kryptonite Stronghold Below Ground Anchor


The first entry on this list of ours Kryptonite’s Strong can be described as an all-in-one solution. It consists of masonry bits that are required to drill the bolt holes in. Moreover, they have security balls and circular covers discs that couldn’t be attacked or unscrewed after they’ve been installed into the device.


When it comes to the shackle, it is 16 mm of hardened carbon that can be positioned to lay when it is not used. It has a plastic cover that will fit over the entire device and has rounded edges, so you can drive over it without fearing you will damage your tires. After you place the device on the ground, nothing can’t be slid under it, so you can rest assured that will protect your motorcycle. Thankfully, this one has a reasonable price, even though it might lead you to think that it’s not as good as more expensive ones, but we assure you that this is not the case.

2. Oxford Anchor Force


Oxford is a well-renowned company that has a lot of tradition in the motorcycle security industry. Another product that comes from them, Anchor Force, a ground anchor, is not going to disappoint you, you can be sure of that. It takes a somewhat different approach from the ones you are going to see usually. It consists of two hardened steel plates that are bolted into the ground. After that you can pass the chain underneath and connect it to the anchor.

There are four expanding bolts. Sadly, the package includes no drill bits, so you will have to find one 5/8’’ and one 5/16’’ separately. Hardened security balls and caps are included in the package, but if you take a look at some of the reviews, you can see that these can get weaker over time. We didn’t face any of their hardships but need to be careful, just in case.

3. Granit WBA 100


Next on our list is Granit WBA 100, a product of the Abus, which is pretty similar to Kryptonite’s Stronghold when it comes to the design. This is a top-notch ground anchor that has just a few features lacking. The shackle is a 16mm of hardened steel that can fold down when you are not using it. There are four expanding steel anchor bolts in the package. With them, you can fix the device into the ground.

Sadly, Abus will not provide you with any drill bits, and you will need to find these yourself. The shackle on this one is a little bit wider than the usual ones, which will provide you with the option of chaining multiple motorcycles at once. If not, the chance of someone inserting a bolt cutter is a little bit higher.

4. Oxford Brute Force

Oxford Brute Force


We have another Oxford product on this list of ours. This is somewhat more basic than the previous ones, but that doesn’t mean it will not provide you with enough security. For example, the shackle of this one is not two-layered like it is with Anchor Force. Instead, this one is one-layered.

Nevertheless, this is a good option for those who are working on a tight budget. If you are willing to have some compromise on a few of the features, this might be just what you’ve looking for. This doesn’t need to worry you, you will have an acceptable level of security.

5. Xena XGA


A popular company in the motorcycle industry Xena decided to update its XENA ground anchor. The result was Xena XGA, and we can say that this is the best of all of their ground anchors so far. It features a single bolt installation and a unique sealed design that will leave no access to the mounting point. When it comes to the shackle, this one is made of a 21mm steel shackle, which is probably one of the biggest we have seen. Also, it can swivel up to 360 degrees.

Sadly, you are not going to be provided with drill bits. Moreover, you can fold it flat, and you don’t need to worry about driving over it, your tires will not be damaged. It can be mounted on either floor or wall, but we not so sure about the latter since it is pretty heavy. Recently, this product obtained the sold secure gold standard. This means that it capable of withstanding all of the conventional attacks.