6 Best Kidney Belts for Motorcycle Riders in 2024

Motorcycle riders and people involved in power sports require as much support as possible for a better experience. There are a number of kidney bells available in the market all of which have different advantages and features. Everyone wants to keep themselves healthy and taking care of your kidney is one aspect of having a good health condition.

Some of the easiest ways to keep the kidney healthy is by staying hydrated and regulated drinking fluids. But there is one thing that you should do externally so that your kidney is protected during exercise or bike riding. Using a kidney belt is one of the best things you can do especially if riding a motorcycle as a power sport. Here are some of the best options available for riders in 2024.

Fox Racing Kidney Belt


If anyone wants a sleek looking kidney belt then this option is the right one for both design and feel. It is made for proper comfort without compromising the security of the wearer. Many times a belt keeps rubbing with your skin and causes bruises or scratches. The design of this option takes care of all the rubbing and friction so that the gear and your skin is not damaged even during long rides.

There are three retention start straps which are suited for different body types. The riders can change the fit accordingly and decide the level of comfort and tightness. Another advantage is the circulation in the back area along with good lumbar support. The lower back area has a special biophome which helps in ventilation. The brand is very reliable and offers good products especially for motor sports and bumpy rides.

Leatt 3DF 3.5 Kidney Belt


Many of the sizes in kidney belts run smaller than expected which is why people order one size up. But not everyone has a smaller waist size which means that many buyers feel left out with the mainstream options. Any rider who has a comparatively bigger waist. Apart from being for everyone this kidney belt also offers impact resistance with interior foam padding.

It is CE certified and impact tested which adds to the credibility of the product and the brand. The lumbar impact protection feature is a notable plus point of this gear. If you are opting for power sports and motocross tracks, the protection feature will come in handy. It also takes care of proper ventilation of your back.

EVS Sports Celtek Kidney Belt


When it comes to affordable options you can easily go with this product without compromising your safety. The design is ergonomic and grade for supporting your lower spine. It has a dual pull velcro system with a multifunctional design. Whether you are a rider or a weightlifter, it will suit you well for both purposes so you will be getting your money’s worth after finalizing the purchase.

If you feel that an affordable option will not be good for your safety, this product will prove you wrong. It is a great option for someone who wants an effective protective gear without spending too much.  There is proper ventilation as well as lower back support for anyone worried about potential back injuries.

The lower spinal area is reinforced so in case of a blow, much of it will be absorbed by the belt. The sizes of this product run small so order accordingly. The fit is perfect and it has hex foam for proper ventilation as well. Only invest in quality motorbike gear for protection when offered by reliable manufacturers like rydlyf.nz.

Troy Lee Designs 3305 Kidney Belt


This brand is known for its credibility as a sports apparel manufacturer. It is good for shock absorbance in the lower back and kidney area. The design is well made and searches perfectly for protection against any collision or strong blow. It includes molded foam and rubber for flexibility, protection, and impact resistance.

The price is on the higher side but the manufacturing makes up for it. It is extremely comfortable and helps with lower back pain during longer rides. The hack Smash is perfect for ventilation and there is a three strap retention system for adjustability according to personal preference. If you feel apprehensive about the higher price, think about the brand, the design, and the application before choosing.

Alpinestars Saturn Kidney Belt


This option comes with the metal mesh reinforcement and its any size up to a 34 inch waist. Even though the size option is a drawback it is a lightweight solution for anybody looking for an affordable product. It is good for longer durations and weighs only 1.35 pounds. You will not feel uncomfortable because of the credibility and stability of this product. There are supplementary elastic straps that work well for different riders according to their personal preference.

Fox Turbo Belt


If you are looking for flexibility this is the right option for you. Something you are wearing on your body should feel comfortable, convenient as well as adjustable. Everyone has a different body type so the contraption needs to be adjustable on the torso so that there is adequate breathability and mobility. The design is specifically made to mold itself according to the wearer when they are moving and shifting.

All the motocross riders can easily fit in their pants without feeling uncomfortable. The design is of a full mesh component with biofoam ventilation. There is a threat strap retention system that you can take advantage of for a tighter grip and back support. It is important for any rider who will be riding on difficult terrains and want their vital organs to be safe in case of a blow.

The Takeaway

Everyone wants to stay safe. Kidney belts ensure that something protects your vital organs in case you fall during a bike ride. It is a great investment for your lower back as well as kidneys and perfect protection if you engage and power sports.