Is Riding a Motorcycle Easier Than Driving a Car?

Riding a motorcycle is a whole different thing than driving a car. People who have driven motorcycles forever claim that riding a bike is much more difficult than driving a car. Subsequently, driving on a motorcycle puts you through the track of several risks than a tight spot car. You really have to ride a motorcycle to experience the freedom. That unique feeling you get driving a motorcycle comes from lots of practice and dedication.

Riding a car is boring even if you have a fancy car. You basically sit on it and steer and pedal down the road. You are caged just with a limited front-end view of your car. It doesn’t matter if you get a new car or the used one; it basically does everything the same.

If you wish, you can get a used car and buy a brand new bike for the sake of experience. Before you visit a used car dealership, don’t forget to get a Revs Check of a vehicle.To learn more about it read more here. You never know if the car you are buying has a lousy history record. The overall history check record in your hand puts you in a safe spot.

While you drive a motorcycle, you need to be focused. You are dealing with an awful risk appetite while you ride a bike; you need to look 360 degrees around you and ride through dangerous passages. Every part of the body is functioning when one drives a bike. From a body angle to locomotor organs, everything needs to do balanced work at the right time. Taking all into account, let’s look into how you can learn to drive a motorcycle.

How to ride a motorbike

Learning to ride a bike is all about balance and the right parts triggered at the right moment. Here are some of the tips for beginner riders.

Know the basics

The motorcycle mainly has footpegs, brakes, throttle, gear shifters, and a clutch.

  • You rest your right foot at the footpeg, which also controls the rear brake.
  • The front and rear brakes are controlled differently; thus, the front brake is at your right hand.
  • The moving part at the right hand is throttle; it makes your bike go faster and slower.
  • Over the left-hand side, the part your right finger touches is known as the clutch lever.
  • Down on the left, there are gear shifters controlled by your left foot.
  • You have all the switches to start, honk and turn on headlights at the thumb of both right and left hands.

Getting into the bike

Usually, people prefer to hop into the bike from the kick-stand side; however, the side depends on you. Getting into the bike from the kick-stand balances the center of gravity and keeps you in control. If the bike is too heavy for you, grab both handles and steadily sit on the rider’s seat.

Start driving

When you acquire motorcycle balance, it’s time to ride it. Before you ride, lean the bike up and put up the kick-stand. The initial phase while riding a bike has to do with starting the engine. Turn the bike key to the right and you will see the console meter lights. It’s conventional to press clutch while you start the bike. Now, put down your bike to first gear. Slowly release the clutch and simultaneously give a little throttle. You will see the motorcycle begin to run. When you are comfortable to gear up the speed, lift the gear and provide more throttle.

There can be some factors that make riding a motorcycle easier than driving a car. One of them can be easy access to mirrors as they are near your hands. Adjusting the mirror can be a bit difficult in cars. However, it’s found that motorcycles have a large blind spot in comparison to cars. You cannot know what’s present exactly behind you.

Let’s not forget about the hassle of parking a car which gets a whole lot easier for a motorcycle as a lot of space is not required. Also, in comparison to the cars, it’s easy to fit through the small gaps while riding.

Riding a motorcycle needs to have the presence of mind at each component. If you fail to operate one, the motorcycle stops. So, if you ride both motorcycle and car, you may have felt that it’s a bit easier to stay awake on a motorcycle than in the car.

Safety tips while riding a motorbike

It’s essential to take driving tests and learn traffic rules before you hop into a motorcycle. Here are some safety tips that might interest you.

  1. Don’t be the first person to cross the intersection. Most accidents happen when a bike rider throttles hard after the traffic sign turns green. When you are in the red sign, take a quick pause.
  2. Look both ways when you are changing the lane or taking turns. It keeps you safe from potential hazards.
  3. Always wear motorcycle gear, a protective shield, and eyewear.
  4. Keep around a 15-meter distance between cars when you are in traffic.
  5. Check mirrors often to make sure nothing is running into you from the back.
  6. Stay on the right side of the road and observe traffic signs.
  7. It’s always best to use the safety gears which

It’s quite possible to encounter crashes and near misses when you drive a motorcycle. It’s by far a risky mode of transportation. Riding a motorcycle needs to have a strong presence of mind from every direction.

There seems to be a more significant difficulty gap between driving a motorbike and a car. The exposure of challenges seems to have in both modes, and it’s you who is responsible for being disciplined.

Therefore, we cannot easily say that riding a motorcycle is easier than driving a car and it depends upon the individual. Also, the practice is what makes riding or driving easier. If you spend more time on either motorcycle or a car, you will obviously find any of them easier.