Top 4 Outlaw Biker Games in 2024

The world of bikers is an excellent premise for action-adventure video games or even an RPG. Imagine creating your own character and customizing tons of different bike types in your garage. We can already see the changing room option, with all the necessary biker gear including leather vests, gloves, boots, tattoos, and bandanas.

Outlaw biker games are, unfortunately, something the developer studios do not seem to share our excitement on, as there is only a limited number of biker video games available. Now, we do not mean the various Moto GP and Motocross games and such. These have been present for years, with different quality throughout. Moto racing has a much wider audience and therefore many games to offer.

We are talking about the bikers, crews of outlaw gangs and chopper enthusiasts, often on that fine, thin line between respecting and avoiding the law. When these are in question, there is only a handful of games available, so let us dive into them, shall we?

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4. Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost and the Damned


This game is the first of two episodic expansions for the original GTA IV game. It is available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC. Rockstar Games is behind it, and it first came out in February of 2009.

The game follows Johnny Klebitz, the vice-president of The Lost MC, a motorcycle club present throughout the world of GTA IV. The story centers around his efforts to keep the gang together while also dealing with personal conflicts, gang wars, drug dealing, and numerous enemies.

The game offers a wide array of different choppers, as well as other types of bikes. It brings some new weapons and clothes as well, not present in GTA IV. The open world experience of GTA games fits perfectly with the overall vibe of the biker world, so this is perhaps the best way to go when outlaw bikers are in question.

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