How to Make Exhaust Sound Sporty: 7 Easy Ways

Since the early days of motorsport, drivers have been trying to make their exhausts sound sporty. Ever since cars were invented, there has been a race among carmakers to produce the most unique and exciting sounding cars.

However, in recent years, the quieting of cars has become very important due to the sound pollution. But you may not enjoy the quiet drive and want the exhaust to sound sporty. So, here we are to rescue!

In this blog post, we will discuss how you can make your own custom exhaust system that sounds just as good as it looks!

Know the Law first!

Before you start modification, you must understand what the law says about the modification and how much sound can the exhaust produce legally. Because you don’t want to get a ticket for noise pollution.

The law is different in different regions of the world, and it varies in different states of the USA as well. Some say the maximum sound that your car can produce must be 82dB or lower, measured at 20 meters from the exhaust outlet while some restrict the sound up to 70dB. You have to ensure that your modified system meets the requirement before going out on the road with it.

7 Ways to Make Exhaust Sound Sporty

There are multiple ways that you can follow to make your car sound sporty while you drive. we’ll go over all of them, in detail-

Change the Exhaust Tip

This is the easiest and the most cost-effective way to make your exhaust sound sporty. The shape and size of the tips influence how high or low the sound will be and how good will it sound.

You can find different types of exhaust tips at the auto parts store near you. However, before buying a new tip for your car’s system, make sure it fits and is compatible with the factory-fitted muffler.

If there are no aftermarket tips available in the market that suit your vehicle or if they’re quite expensive to buy from local stores, you can also go online to find the exhaust tip that fits your car. CarSumu.Com has reviewed exhaust tips, you can check that to streamline the selection process.

Change the Muffler

This is another way to make your car sound sporty. If the factory muffler, fitted on your vehicle doesn’t look like it’s made for great sound, you can go ahead and change it with an aftermarket one that sounds amazing!

Aftermarket ones are available in different sound deadening capacity, while the most stock mufflers are built to suppress the sound as much as possible. Therefore, you can pick the option from that seems best to you.

Change the Exhaust Pipe

You may not be satisfied with how your car’s exhaust system is built; if it doesn’t sound sporty enough, you can always change some parts of its structure! You don’t need any expert help or special skills for this particular modification. If you’re familiar with basic automotive maintenance and repair, you can do this yourself.

You need to choose the tubing carefully so that it fits your vehicle and sounds perfect. The sound produced is good if the exhaust’s diameter is bigger than stock pipe but don’t make it too big or else there will be a loss in power! You can also go for high-quality stainless steel exhaust pipe for better performance.

Creating a Hole in Exhaust Pipe and Muffler

This way is for those who want to make the exhaust sound sporty and don’t mind if they lose a little power. The modification involves drilling holes in the exhaust pipe- this makes it produce higher pitched noises, resulting in that desired sports car effect!

The concept behind this is to not spending money on replacement parts like muffler, exhaust tip, or exhaust pipe. You can simply drill a hole and let some noise come out without going through the dumpening process.

You can go as much as you like with the number of holes you drill in the pipe. But keep in mind that too many drilled holes will create turbulence and reduce the engine’s power, so it is better to be safe than sorry!

Include a Y-Pipe in Your Exhaust Line

If changing the stock pipe doesn’t help much in making your car sound sporty and there is no way for you to install an aftermarket muffler or tailpipe on it without going over budget, you can go for a Y-pipe.

A Y-Pipe is an aftermarket component that is available in different designs and sizes to fit your vehicle’s exhaust system perfectly, but keep in mind that it has to be compatible with the factory muffler! The pipe will help make your car’s sound sporty by enhancing certain frequencies of generated noise.

Adding an External Sound Enhancing Device

This is another way to make your car sound sporty without spending much on replacement parts or full-fledged modifications. You just need to buy a cheap, external device that will enhance its noise and give off desired effect!

There are many types of exhaust enhancers available in the market, However, these may not always be feasible because of strict rules regarding the use of such devices in some areas.

While the device will definitely help you make your car sound sporty, it may also reduce its performance to a certain extent. So, think before deciding on buying one!

A Turbo Charger Can Make the Differerence

While turbo chargers are generally added to cars that already sound sporty, you can opt for it if your car doesn’t produce the desired effect despite all other modifications.

Turbocharger is a device that charges the engine of more air and fuel by converting exhaust energy into mechanical force! While this will definitely increase your vehicle’s power output, it will also reduce the fuel economy.



There are many ways that can make your car sound sporty; however, keep in mind that there may be certain limitations associated with each method. You need to choose wisely based on your requirements and budget.

The most important thing is that you enjoy the sound of your car! Whether it’s a sporty, classic or luxurious effect, make sure what type of sound do you want before deciding on how to achieve it.