Tips to keep your Car in Good Shape

After months of saving your hard-earned money, now it’s finally time to bring home the car that you most craved for. Shiny, sparkling clean, brand-new equipment, that fresh fragrance of the seats, every aspect of your new car leaves you with your mouth gulping wide open.

However, months down the road, your brand-new car loses its youthful essence, having been subject to the constant wear and tear of the road, environmental damage, scratches, dents, and what not. Owning a car is an ordeal in itself. Don’t lose hope yet, as your car can still be galloping down the streets in prime condition if you follow our tips. After all, treating a car is like treating your own baby. Nourish it and it grows. Neglect it and you will only see it deteriorate. The following tips help you to be that supportive father-like figure of your car to help it bloom in its lifetime

1. Optimum tire pressure for an optimum ride

Optimum tire pressure can go a long way to give you precise grip and traction as well as improved fuel efficiency. It is of paramount importance to keep your tires on the recommended pressure level. Add too much pressure and your road grip reduces. Too low and your car’s speed and fuel efficiency take a hit. The tires’ PSI levels fluctuate on a cold wintry day or a hot summer day. Be sure to check your tires regularly for the same. Pay heed to any manufacturer recalls related to your tires.

2. Fluids- The lifeline of your car

5 types of fluids dictate your car’s performance, namely- Engine oil, coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid, and transmission fluid. Train your eye to identify the color of each of these fluids. So the next time you spot a leak, you may easily be able to decide the corrective course of action. Balance all these fluids at their correct levels and watch your car attain total nirvana.

3. Regular health checkups for your beloved car

If your dashboard flashes the check engine light, it may be time for your regular car check-up. Getting your car inspected by a trained mechanic may solve most of your naggy problems. For example, automotive review website talks about the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado 1500’s friendly customer service inspects the alternator, wheel bearings, and other interior components. The same tasks become much harder if you try to get your own hands on them. So car checkups from your certified dealer is a must for supreme car health.

4. Making oil change a habit

Oil changing is one commandment that should be accepted by every car owner. Regularly disposing of the old oil and refilling new oil guarantees the peak performance of your engine for a long time. You can take your car to a service center for this, or choose to do it yourself to save some bucks. If you are going the latter way, keep in mind the type of oil your car needs. That includes 3 important factors to look out for such as viscosity, synthetic or non-synthetic oil, and the car’s mileage. Perform all the oil change processes with perfection, which includes draining and disposing of old oil and setting the correct oil levels.

5. Unclog your air filter

The engine air filter is a hot treasure trove of dust and other dirty particulates. It won’t be long before these start creeping in your engine and air conditioning too. Engine efficiency also hits a toll in the longer run. Do clean your air filter once a year or replace it if necessary.

6. Regular brake inspection

Faulty brakes are one surefire way that will end up leaving you on the deathbed. Pay attention to any quirky noises coming out from your brake pads while cruising. If you suspect any sort of vibration or shuddering from your brake pedal, don’t hesitate. The brakes need a service man’s attention right away to avoid any untoward mishap. In the case of the 2024 Chevrolet Silverado, the automaker’s widespread service network ensures that your brakes get fixed within no time.

7. Testing lights frequently for a brighter view of the road

Your car’s headlights are basically your car’s eyes. Without them, your car is as good as lost in its way. Buy a headlight restoration kit if your headlights are dirty. Adjust the brightness levels or replace the light bulbs if they are too dim. All this is to ensure the safety of your passengers. Don’t neglect your cabin bulbs either. Inspect them for any faults through your service provider. This might save you a safety ticket or two.

8. Washing your car regularly

As subordinate the simple task of washing your car may seem, it actually plays a huge role long-term. Cleaning those bird droppings and tree sap and dead leaves may be troublesome, but it helps to prevent any damage to the exterior paint. Any small traces of these as well as road salt and snow may eat away your car’s beauty before you even realize it. Grasp a regular cleaning technique for your car before it gets too late.

9. Checking windshield wipers to prepare for a stormy day

Worn out or damaged windshield wipers significantly dampen your driving efforts on a rainy day. Not only is your visibility compromised, but there is also a more than likely chance of your car slipping off the road. A responsible driver knows to inspect his wipers regularly and replace them if they are not up to the mark.

10. Belts and hoses- The binding forces of your car

Your car’s belts and hoses breaking down maybe one of the reasons why you get stuck in a breakdown more than often. One crack of the serpentine belt and your whole car gets handicapped. While you go out for a regular oil change for your 2024 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 or any other car, be sure to remind your mechanic to inspect your belts and hoses as well.

11. Stay up-to-date with your car insurance policy

As a final step, reviewing your car’s insurance policy is always beneficial. Check if the policies of your insurance still apply to your car. That includes your policy coverage, limits, and other constraints. Renew the policy if necessary to prevent any loss due to unforeseen circumstances.

Having car insurance is a good thing in these situations. is offering such services, so check their website and find more information about them.


Making these tips a valuable part of your car’s maintenance schedule ensures you hit two birds with one stone. You not only breathe new life into your car but also raise its safety standards by quite some margin. You garner the praise of all fellow drivers thanks to your constant efforts in maintaining your car. This brief ‘to-do-list’ applies to every set-on-wheels and keeps it running with more vigor and enthusiasm.