Motorcycle Helmet Fitting Guide 2024

Buying a helmet isn’t just getting a gear to show your taste and fashion sense. It is more than that- the safety of your head if there is an impact. Never compromise your safety with anything, even if it costs some more bucks from your bank.

Getting the right size helmet is one of the essential factors to ensure your safety, and that should be your primary concern. In the following write-up, we shall discuss some crucial matters which you will find as a useful motorcycle helmet fitting guide.

Why Should You Use the Right Size?

The first reason you should use the right size helmet is your safety from impact, and the second reason is your comfort. Both are essential, and therefore, the proper fitment of your helmet is also unavoidable.

How does the helmet play a role in your safety and comfort?

There is an impact-absorbing (resistant) liner inside the helmets, which is designed to manage any force arising from impact. When your head (covered by a helmet) experiences a severe accidental impact, the liner absorbs all forces and keeps your head less-harmed. But if there is a gap (more than acceptable) between your head and helmet, such liner cannot play its role; in that event, the inner part of the helmet itself acts as an impact zone.

Such a gap is created only by using large-size helmets than your head requires. Some of the helmets contain built-in slip liners that prevent the head from rotational forces. The liner can not function well in an impact when you wear a wrong size helmet that is larger than your head needs. That means by using a large-fit helmet, you are putting yourself at the risk of being smacked by your safeguard mechanism. It’s ironic!

Motorcycle Helmet Fitting Guide

When it comes to the second issue – comfort, right helmet sizing matters a lot as well. If you wear a helmet smaller than recommended for you, there remains a little gap between your head and helmet. It will help you no way but discomfort. Either you will ride the motorbike with a distracted mind for such discomfort and suffocating condition, or you will deny wearing it, which will make you more prone to severe accidents.

A good-fit helmet can solve both problems and give you the best fun and added safety when you move through the road and off-road. What we say to conclude is that you necessarily need a right-fit helmet even if it requires some more to figure out.

How to Ensure Your Perfect Helmet Size?

Motorcycle Helmet

Helmets don’t come in the same size. Plenty of them are available in different sizes and shapes. Don’t get overwhelmed and distracted by that massive availability. Get to know the right process for measuring the right size for your head, and pick the most suitable one with a preferred shape and design. Consider your riding style too. To figure out the right one for you, you have to comply with the following steps. You can consider it as a brief yet specific motorcycle helmet buying guide.

  1. First, decide your helmet type from the most common five types – open face or half helmet, full-face helmet, modular helmet, adventure helmet, and motocross or dirt bike helmet. Each of the helmet types has their features, prices, and serving purposes. You need to know your demand and focus on the specific type.
  1. Second, figure out your head shape. According to helmet science, people generally have any of the three shapes- round oval, long oval, and intermediate oval. Take a picture of your head by someone else from above. Before capturing, flatten the hair as much as possible so that it does not make your head shape obscure in the image. If your head looks almost round, then it is the round oval. If it seems thin and long, your head is long oval. Something in between these two is considered as an intermediate oval.
  2. Third, now find the size of your head to search the perfect helmet on the market. We suggest taking help from someone else in this regard, maybe your friend. Ask him to measure the circumference of your head using tape. Run the tape above your eyebrows and cover the widest part around the back. What is the length (circumference)? Once you find it, compare with the standard motorcycle helmet sizes, and get the most right-sized one for you.

Last Words On Helmet Fittings

It’s evident to you now that getting the right size helmet is essential. You have also come to know that it is vital to know your head size before buying a motorcycle helmet. As all of the helmet manufacturers produce helmets according to the standard sizing, otherwise they don’t get DOT or Snell certification as quite a safe helmet, so it won’t be a problem to get the right one if you know your shape and size.