How To Ride A Motorcycle ( Step By Step )

Nowadays the use of means of transport is fundamental to be able to move from one place to another. This has become even more important because due to the mass of transport now the routes to move from one particular site to another, are larger and are very complicated to travel only using our feet. This is why you will learn with a tutorial on how to ride a motorcycle easily and quickly without complications.

A motorcycle always has tools that will be described below

  1. Gearbox: it is very important since it is responsible for changing the revolutions in the engine, therefore the speed that we can reach.
  2. Clutch: motorcycles have a lever on the left side of the crank that is called a clutch and allows the change of speed that is made in the gearbox that is on the left pedal.
  3. Accelerator: in the grip on the right side of the crank is the accelerator used by turning said grip.
  4. Front brake: on the right side of the crank is the lever that is responsible for breaking the front tire.
  5. Rear brake: in the part of the right pedal is in the brake of the rear tire.

How To Ride A Motorcycle

One described the main elements to drive a motorcycle will proceed to do the step by step.

  1. Get on the motorcycle. You can not by recommendation and almost obligation to start the motorcycle without getting on it.
  2. The key is inserted and it is verified that the motorcycle is neutral.
  3. In modern motorcycles, the short current must be removed and then accelerated to turn it on, but in older ones, the right manual ignition pedal must be used to turn it on.
  4. Once on, it is recommended to use the accelerator to verify that the tachometer and other data displayed on the dashboard work and show the appropriate information.
  5. The clutch as mentioned is used so that when the gear change is going to be performed at that moment use the clutch, then make the change and then release the clutch. Then what makes you press the clutch and make the change to the first gear with the clutch held.
  6. The clutch is released gradually so that the motorcycle does not turn off due to a lack of acceleration.
  7. While the clutch is released, it accelerates gradually (all this simultaneously).
  8. The clutch is depressed and only the throttle is used until speeding is required.
  9. If speeding is concerned, the above process is repeated from step 5 and the same is true if you need to break the motorcycle.
  10. To slow down, the gears are lowered one by one doing the same process until it is left in neutral and braked (on the recommendation with the rear tire).


This is the whole process that must be followed in a summary to ride a motorcycle in a easy way. Always for safety, the helmet must be worn, the lights used properly and, most important, ride with caution because motorcycle accidents are usually the most harmful and mortal for the driver.