Motorcycle Survival Kit: What Every Motorcyclist Should Take Along For the Ride in 2024

Did you know that there’s a 6% chance of getting into an accident every time you ride a motorcycle?

Although riding a motorcycle is exciting, it’s important to be aware of the dangers. Staying alert and prepared for emergencies is the best way to protect yourself on the road. Whenever you go out, you should always bring a safety kit for emergencies.

Want to know the most helpful tools to include in your kit? Keep reading for the top 7 supplies every motorcyclist should carry.

1. First Aid Kit

Although you should be able to get help after a motorcycle accident, there may be times when assistance is far away. For these scenarios, it’s important to be prepared with your own first aid kit. Bandages, burn pads, tweezers, antibacterial cream, Ibuprofen, and hand-sanitizing wipes are some of the best tools any rider could have.

2. Water and Protein Bars

If you ever get into a motorcycle emergency, food and water can give you the fuel you need to get to safety. Protein bars pack a lot of calories into a small package, which makes them one of the most convenient foods to stash in your motorcycle safety kit. For normal rides, one water bottle should be enough, but two is ideal.

3. A Cellphone

It may sound obvious, but you should never go for a motorcycle ride without your cellphone. This is your lifeline to report accidents and get roadside assistance. Having emergency contacts like a tower from will ensure you get help quickly.

4. A Flashlight

As it gets darker, your risk of getting into an accident increases. A flashlight is a lifesaver for many different reasons. A flashlight can help you make bike repairs in the dark, wave someone down for help, and improve your visibility if you have to abandon your bike.

5. Rain Gear

Weather can be unpredictable at times. Although it’s best to read weather updates and avoid the road whenever there are bad conditions expected, sometimes storms catch us by surprise. This is why it’s helpful to carry a rain jacket and other protective gear that can help keep you dry and warm during an emergency.

6. A Knife

Every survivalist knows how many different ways a knife can get you out of a tricky situation. A knife can give you some protection, help you build a shelter, access dry firewood, and perform many other tasks. A Swiss Army knife can give you access to lots of helpful tools in a convenient, compact form.

7. Basic Repair Tools

If something happens to your bike, you may not want to wait or pay for motorcycle roadside assistance. Carrying a small tool bag will give you the freedom to repair your bike yourself if you know how to fix the problem. The most convenient option is to buy a specialized motorbiketoolkit, but you can also build your own.

Are You a Passionate Motorcyclist?

Now that you know the most important things every motorcyclist should carry with them, you can always stay safe.

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