5 Patch Rules All Beginner Bikers Should Know

Members of biker clubs represent a specific category that is known for traveling in groups while attracting people with their attractive bikes and the loud noises these two-wheelers are making. There are some common prejudices towards these groups, like that they are criminals, vandals, and very dangerous people. While there were some examples of that … Read more

Motorcycle Touring in Thailand – How to Plan Your Ride in 2022

There is something special about riding a motorcycle, as that experience simply cannot be compared to any other one. Now, some are fond of bikes, and some are not, but everyone will agree that motorcycles at least look great. Of course, those that are really into motorcycles are ready to go to the end of … Read more

Do Power Inverters Damage Car Batteries?

Car inverters have a simple role – to invert 12V DC to 110V/220V AC. Even though it sounds like rocket science, it’s simple to use and understand. Also, if you are asking if the inverters can harm the battery, we must highlight that every electronic device will do it since batteries aren’t forever. The main … Read more

Brake Light Bulb Replacement Cost

The brake light bulb is a critical element of the vehicle’s safety system. It acts as a signal to drivers following you that you are about to reduce speed and apply the brakes. It’s a good idea to frequently check your brake lights to make sure they’re working and are visible. By doing this, you … Read more

What to Do After a Car Accident

No driver wants to think about being involved in an accident on the road. It is the thing that you always want to escape and never be a part of. Traffic accidents happen all the time and despite the chances of yourself being involved in one are low, they are never zero. As low as … Read more