7 Best Maxi Scooters – 2024 Review

Are you looking for a maxi scooter? They might be bigger and heavier than 125 cc models, but they are still easy to ride and buying one can never be a mistake. These machines are ideal because besides the ride in a city, they can be used for longer trips as well, and you can go out on a highway with one because they are very fast. Let’s check out the best maxi scooters you can find on the market.

7. Kawasaki J300


Although you can find a 125cc version of this bike, the 300cc is much better because you can take it out of the city. It is capable of keeping up with highway traffic, and besides excellent performance, this model is quite a bargain as well. The reason for a low price tag is the fact that the J300 is the product of the cooperation between Kawasaki and Kymco.