Best Motorcycle Tattoos for Men – 2024 Overview

For some reason, bikes and tattoos just go together. Whether it is all those biker movies we all as kids, with big, bad bikers riding around on their Harleys, every one of them covered in obscene tattoos that created that image for us or something else, the fact is that we inevitably imagine every biker we see plastered with ink.

The motives bikers tattoo on their skin is different. Some choose something personal, like names or images of their loved ones. Important dates, like birthdays, are also a popular choice. There are also plenty of military themes since there are plenty of current or ex-military people among bikers. But by far, bikers choose tattoos that are linked with riding. There are people who tattoo their favorite brands, be it Triumph, Honda or Suzuki. Harley Davidson is among the most popular ones, due to an almost mythical connection all bikers feel towards this legendary brand.

Other popular motives are eagles and eagle wings. These symbolize freedom, something all bikers dream of and the main reason people ride bikes in the first place.

Patriotic themes are also present in bikers’ culture and you would be hard-pressed to find a tattooed biker without at list one tattoo depicting a flag.

Skulls, flames, and skeletons are also popular choices for biker tattoos. There are many designs featuring these three, often incorporated together in a single tattoo. Bikers who are members of motorcycle clubs like to have a club logo somewhere on their bodies.

Finally, some bikers use tattoos to commemorate family members or friends who have passed away, especially if they too were bikers. Some simply have a date of death, while others may choose something more dramatic, like a full image.

Placement of a motorcycle tattoo isn’t strictly defined and comes down to a personal choice. Unlike gang tattoos, which have a set of definitive rules that dictate which tattoo can be used and where it should be located, bikers are far more relaxed when it comes to their ink. The shoulders, the back, the arms, the neck, the chest, or the wrist area, every part of one’s body is a free game.