Why Personalised Number Plates are Different from Other Types

The license plates of the owner’s choice are something around which drivers’ opinions are divided. Everyone had the opportunity to notice on the city streets that a certain number of license plates look different. Instead of standard markings consisting of three or four numbers and two-letter markings, some owners have chosen what they will write on their license plates.

You have bought a new car and now is the time to register it. There is a possibility to choose what will be written on them, of course, if you are willing to pay a little more.


Personalised number plates are a great way to express your personality and individuality. This type of plate is different from other types in that it has a personal name or nickname on the registration, whereas cherished number plates do not have any personalization at all. Cherished number plates also include an additional fee for their purchase because they are seen as being rarer than personalised ones. Personalized license plates are nothing new and can be ordered in all countries. Some of them, probably knowing their citizens, immediately defined which combination of letters and numbers could not be found on the table.

It’s important to note that for both types, you don’t need to own the vehicle in order to buy the plate. By going to platehunter you can explore the different types that may fit your need and budget, but we will go over the personalized number plates in this article.

Why Choose Personalised Number Plates?


When it comes to your car, there is no better way to personalize it than with a number plate. Check out the DVLA Number Plates Buying and Selling Guide by www.regtransfers.co.uk for those who want their personality and individuality to shine through, without having an extra fee just because they are rarer.

Personalized number plates are a way for you to say what is important in your life. It is nice when people know about your personality. As the market continues to evolve, personalised number plates are becoming more popular with all sorts of people – not just car enthusiasts! Today, anyone can afford to personalise their car and do not need to be famous!

One reason we love that so many people choose this type of registration for their car is that it can be a great gift for someone who has just grown up and passed their driving test. Now they are free to get around the town in style with their own personalized number plate, a present that will stay with them forever.

When it comes to looking at cherished number plates, these have been bought as an investment instead of personalisation. A dateless number plate, or cherished number plate, generally refers to a car registration that was first issued before 1963 and does not have a year symbol identifying the period of its issue.

Are Personalised Number Plates a Good Investment?


Personalised number plates are a good investment for anyone looking to increase their car’s resale value. They can be worth up to three times more than the original purchase price, which is partly because they’re unique and cannot be replicated or reproduced by someone else with an identical plate number.

When searching for a personalised number plate you should consider the following:

  • How much are personalised number plates?
  • Can I sell my personalised number plate at a later date or not?

If you want to make your car unique and have something that no one else can replicate, then it’s worth investing in a personalised number plate. You will be able to find plenty of buyers when you come to sell your car because it will be one of a kind. Investing in the right personalised number plate could end up being a huge prize.

There are many reasons why people buy our personalised number plates. For the very best personalised number plates in the UK, get in touch with our team today by visiting https://platehunter.com and we’ll take care of finding your perfect plate!

In case you want to sell your car but to keep the number plate for the next one, it is possible, too. However, this type of license plate also has some drawbacks. For example, if you resent someone’s bad temper in the supermarket line and they want revenge, your car will easily remember you because of the license plates.

You are probably also wondering if any combination of numbers and letters you want is possible. Before it is approved, it is the job of the Police to check if such plates already exist. If the answer is yes, you will be asked to think of another combination. Although you are the person who chooses what to write on the table, swearing and insults are not allowed.

It is always good to think twice before you make any step. If you are willing to pay some extra money, you better come up with something good, with a sign that has a meaning to you. Some people made one step further and asked for a personalised plate that looks “normal” until you look in the rearview mirror!

Now that you’ve chosen the license plates, you can do one more thing to make them more noticeable – install license plate lighting. In addition to being better visible on the road, it will save you from paying a fine, because according to the law of many countries, the plates must always be visible, regardless of the weather conditions.

Final thoughts


If you are determined to add this “fashion accessory” to your car, try to make the inscription unique and interesting, that is, to make sense, because you still set aside extra money for it. If you are missing ideas, we are sure you will find them online. It is also important to find out whether in your country it is allowed to be placed on both the front and rear of the vehicle or only on one side, as is the case in most countries.