5 Best Adventure Motorcycles Today – 2024 Review

If you want to go fast and get low in turns then you buy a sportbike, dirtbike is great for those dirt roads and densely wooded trails. But if you want a machine that can do both of those jobs then you want an adventure motorcycle. With the design and capability of a good off-roader … Read more

Top Motorcycles Which Changed the World – 2024 Review

Several years ago, the Yamaha YZF-R1 won the Motorcycle of the Year award. This led us to think of some of the best motorcycles over the history which have definitely changed the world. One of the bikes which first comes to mind is Honda’s CB750. This motorcycle was the first of its kind to package … Read more

10 Modern Versions of Classic Scrambler Bikes – 2024 Review

Retro bikes seem to be all the rage these days and we have witnessed a huge comeback of models like cafe racers, bobbers, and flat trackers, but the absolute hit was scrambler bikes. Less than a decade ago, they were almost extinct and apart form motorcycle gatherings, you could hardly ever see one. Today, they … Read more

2024 Review of Triumph Tiger 1200 XCX

This is definitely an adventure bike that improved on most of the things we didn’t like in the previous series. The XCX slimmed down which led to improved handling and performance from the improved chassis and a much better power plant. The controls are very customizable and it has a variety of electronic safety features … Read more

2020 Triumph Rocket III – The Ultimate Motorcycle

First of all, we need to mention that this model started to be produced in the UK in 2004 and since then it has acquired a lot of attention and fans. However, its distributed has stopped in Europe after the adoption of Euro4 standards, but it is still available in the USA. The latest version … Read more