Top 6 Tools Every Motorcycle Owner Should Have In Their Toolbox

Bikers understand the bond that forms between a rider and his motorcycle. No one will be as concerned about your bike as you are. If you have the necessary tools, you may simply perform some basic maintenance checks on the go of your bike yourself.

If you desire to retain your motorcycle in a top-notch condition and in good working order between maintenance, then you need the proper motorcycle maintenance kit to be there in your tool kits on the go. We will go through the top 5-6 essential tools that you’ll need on the go on a daily basis in this article. Let me enlist the top specialized motorcycle tools.

So, without further ado, let’s get started!!

The Top 6 Tools for Every Motorcycle Owner

The usability of different tools can vary from person to person, based on their needs and lifestyle. After thorough research, we were able to provide a motorcycle tools list of the six tools you might want to consider for the roads. These are:

1. Screw Drivers

Let’s start with the most commonly used and handy tool. Screwdrivers are among the most widely used tools on this planet and are required for the simplest tasks and basic activities on a regular basis. For your bike, a set of screwdrivers are essential to keep in your tool kit, and you never know just when it might come in handy.

In this case, you’ll have two options: either you can purchase a set of screwdrivers in various sizes, or you can purchase a screwdriver with interchangeable tips, which we believe is a very portable and convenient purchase.

2. Motorcycle Torque Wrenches

Motorcycle Torque Wrench is the most popular, handy, compact, and effective tool that you are needed to carry with you in your multi-tool kit. For any type of engine-related work, such as tweaking or tightening the bolts on your bike’s engine, or for work specifically related to tightening the spark plugs, you must have access to a power tool.

According to Diytoolsnerd, having to regain your engine torque after a quick self-service using the torque wrench will allow you to reassess the strong engine thrust at a low range rev. You should really consider having this included in your list.

3. Wrench Set

One more essential item for your bike is a set of wrenches, which are extremely important tools that are required to complete any work on your bike, the majority of which is to loosen or tighten any of your bike’s bolts. You might want to keep a simple, light, and the most minimalist set of wrenches along with you.

You may select between a larger, sturdier, and durable set to keep in your house/basement and a lighter one to be a more compact set to take on the road, although doing both might not be exactly a bad idea.

Based on your budget, determine whether your bike uses a measured or standard bolt and get a suitable set for you. Make prudent and efficient use of your money to spend on your gears.

4. Tire Pressure Gauge

This might not seem like an actual tool in the typical sense, but tires are also one of the most vital parts of your bike. Maintaining the optimum tire pressure is essential. It is a prior choice to decide on getting a decent portable tire pressure gauge is needed as a to-go item in your tool kit.

We suggest the best condition to your pair of wheels for the best comfort to your ride, also not to mention that overinflated tires wear out fasters and unevenly. Sidewalls of underinflated tires flex more than they should when cornering and braking, which causes the tire to lose its grip on the road.

Thus it is important to get the right amount of air pumped into your tires for an optimum and sustainable balance to your ride. So don’t forget to add this to your list of must-have items for your bike.

5. A Set of Socket Rachets

After the use of a set of wrench sets, these are also some of the essential tools that are often required for serious tasks to be done on your bike.

Suppose if you’re on your way to a semi-long ride on a bumpy road with your bike, and you notice anything unusual and stop to check, you’ll notice the bolts holding the engine’s mounting are required to be tightened, and you can’t reach the metrics of bolts with your typical wrench set.

That is where socket rachets are most useful, and the ring end of the wrench is about to fit in nicely where other wrenches wouldn’t be able to reach effectively. These ratchets are a piece of mechanical equipment that adjusts, tightens, and loosens nuts and bolts faster than traditional wrenches, which makes them a versatile and essential tool to keep in your tool kit.

6. Allen Keys Set ( AKA Hex Wrenches)

Last but not least, Allen keys are a type of wrench with the shape of a hexagon that is mainly used for tightening the bolts of your bike. These are mostly used for the chain to grip, allowing you to regain the torque of your bike. Getting yourself a set of hex head sockets for your winch will be preferable as there will be bolts of many sizes.

Final Thoughts

We hope our list of the top 5-6 tools every motorcycle owner should have will assist you in the self-maintenance procedures for efficiently caring for your bike. Even simple activities usually demand certain measurements or standards on tool usage.

We believe reading this article will also enlighten you even a bit and direct you to choose better! After all, the essential tool you may have is knowledge!