Top 8 Unbreakable Myths About Motorcycles, Motorcyclists, and Bikers

Considering dating? There are hundreds of niche dating apps from which to choose. One dating site might focus on a type like a swinger, a biker, a gay man, a BBW woman, or a single Christian. Another might focus on lovers of comic book characters or Star Wars enthusiasts. Many people using niche dating sites will decide against it because they believe myths about target users. Even on a conventional dating site for all niches, you might be surprised who contacts you and asks to meet! Experts of this site debunked the myths about motorcyclists and bikers for your information. Here’s what we know about bikers because they can make great matches for men and women seeking loving connections.

The Scoop on Bikers

The motorcyclist in America are known as bikers, but there are many kinds of lifestyles common to them. Loving motorcycles means you crave the open road and the thrill of the crotch rocket or specialty bike at your fingertips. It is less about wearing leather and chains or a Harley Davidson jacket. Learn about bikers as people. They come from every walk of life, and many have hearts of gold. Some popular myths about them include:

1.Riding a motorcycle is a juvenile illness. It’s a stereotype that people want to channel their youth on a bike. It’s an adrenaline rush like riding a roller coaster or skydiving. The typical biker is a safe driver and uses his wheels for transportation. He enjoys socializing in places where bikers are respected. He doesn’t just go to a biker bar or special event to find singles. He will go online to meet new people when desiring companionship.

2.  Bikers are brutal and insensitive men. This couldn’t be further from the truth. It is common for bikers to intervene in public when they see a woman, child, or disadvantaged person being disrespected. Many bikers have great manners and deep ties to people in their community.

3. Bikers and motor vehicle operators hate each other.

We can think of someone who was seriously hurt or killed in an automobile accident. The difference is that a motorcycle rider has a greater risk of serious injury or fatality because of the lack of a vehicle’s structure, protecting him from other vehicles or the road. There is a myth that drivers and bikers don’t get along, but that’s just not true. Many drivers also own motorcycles and have good relationships with everyone. It’s in the heat of the moment on the road that tempers flare-up. Alternatively, bikers and drivers may be in exclusive groups that seem to not tolerate the other group. Life is about exposing yourself to people of different groups and learning about them.

4. Bikers avoid serious relationships. It’s common for bikers to have deep ties to their neighborhood and to take long-term partners or spouses. They also have kids and grandkids, and close friends. They belong to civic associations, clubs, and places of worship as well as government and business groups. Just look around because bikers are everywhere. Because they are deeply integrated into every part of society, you might not even know they are bikers. That’s why bikers are worth considering on a dating site.

5. Motorcyclists like women.

People who ride motorcycles come in all sexual orientations. They like people of the same gender and/or different genders. They might be bisexual or pansexual. Riding a motorcycle is a lifestyle, not indicative of romantic interests or preferences.

6. Bikers like to play around.

There is a certain breed of biker who is nomadic in nature and most likely to roll into town and have a fling with another person. However, as noted above, many bikers have permanent homes and deep roots in their businesses, neighbors, and families. Get to know each person and see if he or she is attached to things that you value. Or, choose a nomadic personality if that’s your fancy.

7. Bikers like rock and roll and heavy metal.

Bikers are likely to appreciate every kind of music based on their life experiences. One of our experts personally dated a Cuban guy who loves salsa and merengue owns three motorcycles and a heavy-duty pickup truck. He is most likely to be seen on Saturdays traveling to see acts like Marc Anthony or ZZ Top concerts. You just never know where people come from or what they like.

8. Bikers are into alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.

Many bikers live clean and healthy lifestyles. They can prefer to barbecue at home rather than play pool at the nearest bar or pub. Suppose you stereotype anyone based on their love of riding a motorcycle. In that case, you could miss out on their great qualities as a potential mate.

Why exactly is biker culture popular?

When you’re a biker, the whole world lies beneath your wheels. You’ve heard all about the temptations that turn people into biker before – the fresh air blowing in your face, the mobility, the unique feeling only open road can give you.

What’s less discussed is that the biker brotherhood is more than real. Get in contact with a local biker club, and there’ll be friends waiting for you in each city you pass through. Even if you are a lone rider, brothers will arrive after a single phone call if you get in trouble on the road. And the biker music festivals, like the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, are legendary! Those are unique events where the brotherhood of motorcycle lovers from all around the world gather to tell stories and delve deep into the atmosphere of freedom and energy. And should you become a biker or find yourself a partner among them, you’ll get to share it all with them.

In the dating world, adults have everything to gain by being open-minded and talking to as many singles as possible. When you move past the first conversation to more chats, a friendship can evolve that surprises you. It wasn’t anticipated, but it feels familiar and exciting too.

When you go online and exchange messages with bikers or motorcyclists in your community, you can learn about their hobbies and establish a connection. When you meet in person, don’t hesitate to explore any chemistry and/or potential for romance.