Things That Are Not Safe for Motorcycle Riders to Do – 2024 Guide

Yes, riding a motorcycle is a cool thing to do. But, we shouldn`t forget that bikers are much more likely to suffer some serious injuries than car drivers or their passengers if they participate in some accidents. Opposite to motorcycles, cars have airbags, seatbelts, and other innovations that are making drivers and passengers safer. Bikers have only helmet and praises that they don`t suffer some injuries while driving their bike. We are going to make you a list of these things and we hope that we will influence bike drivers to not do them anymore, ok?

Being Too Close to the Vehicles in Front

Staying too close to the car, both with a car or motorbike is very annoying and very dangerous as well. It is not only hard to stop your bike if you are too close to the car, but it can make a life of car driver much harder than it needs to be, by preventing him from seeing behind them. Bikes are smaller, and it is only natural for them to go between the vehicle, but being too close to the car is dangerous.

Escape Routes? No

If you are riding a bicycle, it is pretty natural to be a little paranoid. The safest way to drive is the most usual one, like all of the vehicles, are doing it. But, searching for some new routes by going between vehicles could be dangerous for a driver. You never know what will be the next move from a car driver or some vehicles surrounding a bike.

Maintaining A Motorcycle

There is absolutely no good excuse for not keeping any kind of vehicle in mint condition. Even if you are a person who is talented for doing certain things around your vehicle, there are some gadgets that could work out for you. Basic maintenance will save you money, but some bigger problems could emerge in the future, it is important to consider this one.

Riding in Blind Spot

This one is probably the most dangerous thing you can do as a bike rider. Driving in car`s blind spot can easily end in bike`s driver losing his life. Making yourself while driving behind a car is a thing that will keep the driver and the machine safe.

Looking at the Bike`s Dashboard

Naturally, when you are driving whatever vehicle, you should look in front of you. But, a big chunk of bike drivers has a bad habit of looking in the dashboard while driving. Especially while driving at high speed. By preventing yourself from doing that, you will have a better insight into your surrounding and preventing from injuring yourself while driving.

Not Wearing A Helmet

Taking a ride without proper clothes is something that is not understandable. But there is absolutely no reason not to wear a proper helmet. Even the smallest accidents can have severe results if the head of the driver is harmed. It maybe looks cool for others to see, but certainly, it is not something that anyone should do.

Not Paying Attention to Traffic Before Setting Off

Naturally, before you set off, you need to check your surroundings. But some of the riders have a habit of setting off even before the green color appears on the traffic lights. They should be more careful and pay more attention before maneuvering because they are more likely to suffer bigger consequences than car drivers.

Avoiding Wearing Appropriate Clothes

Seeing bike drivers without appropriate clothes is very common. However, they are not only looking good on the person who is wearing them, but they also have a purpose of protecting the bike driver. It is not safe to drive a bike with only a t-shirt on.

Shaded Visor? At Night?

Wearing shaded visors during the day can be helpful to the driver. But, wearing them at night, that is a whole another story. This is because of reducing the vision of the driver. Most likely, the driver will see other cars, but will he see pedestrians and other things that are near the road? For the most part, no. The driver should get another helmet for night driving. One that doesn`t have shaded visors.

Not Filling the Gas Tank


Certainly, there is no driver in the world that will go on travel without filling its tank. The problem with the majority of motorcycles is that they don’t have a fuel gauge on their dashboards. So, the drivers can`t be totally sure if their tank is full, and they will have to guess. It comes to how well they know their own bikes. Drivers who have big experience in riding bikes know that filling the tank is a priority.

Bald Tires? Not a Good Idea

Having proper tires is one of the most important things you can have on your bike. Driving on bald tires is one of the most dangerous things you can do. It is of utmost importance to change your bald tires before starting any kind of trip.

Looking Too Short Ahead on the Road

This is one is characteristic for drivers who have less experience. They tend to keep their eyes on the bike and the closest area around the bike. This is not the safest thing that the driver can do while driving a bike. Watching as much ahead as possible on the road is a trick that can save the driver`s life in some situations. They need to be prepared for whatever is to come.

Using Only Rear Brakes

There are two types of brake on a motorcycle, rear, and front brakes. So, you see that hitting brakes on a motorbike is not the same thing as hitting brakes on a bicycle. Drivers have a bad habit of using only rear brakes. But it should be focused on using front ones.

Having Heels on the Foot Pegs

During riding the bike, the driver should keep its feet on the foot pegs. But it needs to have the ball of the feet, instead of having only their heels on the foot pegs. It is only natural to change the position of your foot while driving, but having heels of your feet on foot pegs is not recommendable. Catching the surface of the road by feet is something that can cause serious injuries to the driver.

Not Shutting Off Signals

This is a habit that is equally annoying for both motorbike and car drivers. Keeping signals on while driving can be a source of confusion for other participants of the traffic and can cause some serious troubles.